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Spring is in the air . . .

Spring is one of my favorite seasons, along with fall and winter! The fashion colors are always so vibrant and enticing; they remind me of poolside cocktails with little umbrellas!  Two designers that have brightened my January are Trina Turk and Tory Burch . . . just take a look at their Spring 2011 collections.

Trina Turk - Her inspiration was "Palm Springs eternal" for this 2011 collection and "wow" has she hit it out of the park with this one!  Can I just check into the Viceroy Palm Springs or the Parker Palm Springs  now please???

orange head scarf -NEED! ... striped dolman shirt - NEED!

Reminds me of Hubba Bubba watermelon gum!

This is one of my favorite looks - I'm guessing I need to buy myself an orange headscarf!

So Bridgette Bardot & Palm Springs! More please . . .

Don't those pants look so perfect for lounging?

This reminds me of sherbert ice-cream

This would make running after Emerson, while looking chic, a little easier!

Picnic anyone?

Such a cool 60's beach vibe

Tory Burch -  This collection is filled with Tory’s 70′s influences. "The silhouettes are classic homages to the era, from maxi and mid-calf length skirts, bell sleeved shirts and blouses, ultra cool prints paired with lace, paisley and stripes: it’s a modern take on the era and it’s extremely wearable."

OMG this is my fav!  Love the camel leather skirt paired with the Hermes orange shirt!

Such a flirty & fun spring soiree dress . . .

I love the quirky combo of this outfit; the orange tunic-top paired with the animal print silk skirt.

Fresh and polished - pretty sure you can get this look from J Crew this season too

This is another of my favorites.  I love the clean straight lines of the pants & the bright pop of the belt

Loving the ethereal skirt & blouse contrasted with a bold geometric neckline

I am obsessively drawn to these yellow pants paired with the black & white shirt and purse!

"Who me? Oh I just got done dropping the kids off at school"

Glam safari

week-end de bienvenue

Just wanted to say have a fantastic weekend everyone!  Hope it's filled with laughs, good food, great wine or delicious cocktails, and lots of rest and relaxation! 

Here are some of my favorite lazy weekend photos:

Our sweet Lucy Sue - this is where she can usually be found; lounging on our bed!

 Friday night lights! Nothing beats candles and full-bloom roses.

Well, adding a little bubbly doesn't hurt!

 Can I say "delicious in a bottle?"

The hubby and I tend to do this alot for weekend dinners - a baguette and delicious WholeFood spreads!

Off to dinner in the rain ( a few weekends ago) - I want her outfit for me!!!

Sporting her new bangs (aka "fringe" in Scotland) - Isn't she precious?

Out & about - part deux

Happy Friday . . .

I am loving our "LA exploration!"  These photos are from our lunch-time walk yesterday; we stumbled on a few amazing stores again on 3rd Street in Los Angeles.  I wanted to share (pardon the iPhone photos) with you all.

"This is a little boutique filled with unique items from around the world as well as products by local designers. Although most of the merchandise is literally plastic, they feature items made out of any number of different materials."

These were the most adorable felt (?) stuffed animals - I want the elephants! (Are you noticing a trend here?)  And the tree was beautiful - you build it yourself and all the parts are made from recycled materials and are biodegradable.

These were gorgeous in person; bright, large and lightweight.  Perfect for toys, laundry totes or just storage

This was an adorable table and chair set for kids!  It was so cute and would look great in the backyard!

Great little lacquered beech wood car; super shiny and fit perfect in the palm of your hand

Emerson has a bubblegum pink Rody pony and she LOVES it!  These are the cutest take on the rocking horse; I wanted like 5 in all different colors!  They just scream "fun."

This store showcases an eclectic combination of contemporary handmade jewelry, clothing, books and treasures from around the world.

These metal birds were beautiful - great little place to hang your rings on at night or your earrings.  I might have to go back and get the gold one!

I just thought these were great - they are Bibles!!!! Love the snakeskin; who says you cant be chic at church? 

This was a shelf with just a ton of great little trinkets - those thorned rose stems were gold and would look awesome clustered on a coffee table or bookshelf

OMG this place is awesome! The original bakery is in New York and then they opened this one and one in Dubai!?  My eyes were bigger than my belly (and that is saying a lot for being 4.5mths prego) so I indulged in a "few" things such as the coconut cupcake, the Hummingbird cupcake, the orange cupcake, the magic cookie bar (unbelievable) and the key lime cheesecake . . . which I polished off as soon as my bum hit my office chair!  You can order online too . . . . am I tempting you yet?

excuse the poor iPhone quality - but I was too busy eating this to try and get a better one!

our wedding circa 2004 . . .

We decided to get married in France.  We had never been to France together (I had been to Paris with my mum) but decided, over margaritas one night at our favorite Mexican joint (Lares), that France it would be!

I jumped on Google, googled "wedding coordinators destination wedding France" and found my petite monsieur, Miguel.  He was wonderful; he chose the quaint little town of Arles in the South of France for us to say "oui."  We planned everything in 6mths and before we knew it we were checking into our "Lune de miel" suite at the Hotel Jules Cesar  with 30 of our friends and family for our wedding weekend. 

I wanted to share photos of this hotel because it is such a unique gem.  The hotel is a 17th century convent in the heart of the old town. The nun's cells have been turned into big, indulgent bedrooms. The cloistered galleries include the Restaurant "Lou Marques", which has amazing Provencal cooking (we had our rehearsal dinner here.)  The heated swimming pool is surrounded by the beautiful lavender gardens that you can smell anywhere in the hotel. 

The outdoor terrace where I ate breakfast with my mum & sister the morning of our wedding

Part of the restaurant in the original convent building

The front of the hotel that you drive up to when you arrive!

The courtyard in the center of the hotel - we drank our first champagne together as "husband and wife" here

The pool and outdoor lounge area - love love love the original stonework on the hotel

We spent the next 3 weeks traveling around the South of France and the Cote de Azur but before we left Arles we spent 3 days at L'Hotel Particulier and O.M.G this hotel is absolutely IT!!!!! It is a small intimate boutique hotel that has been unmatched in my eyes.  I died when we checked in and I never wanted to leave.  Check out the website and read some reviews, it is just simply stunning.

This is the pool and part of the gardens - the white shuttered doors, in the background, were the doors from our room - YES all three sets; the room was huge !!!

Another view from the garden gates into the hotel grounds

One of the bedrooms

This was our room!!!!! It has a fireplace directly to the right and a stunning bathroom with a free standing claw-footed bathtub to the left.  The bathroom has its own white shuttered doors opening up to a separate patio - you can open the doors while you bathe and look out into the gorgeous gardens.  The ceilings were super high and the white gauzy curtains would billow in the evening breeze *heart fluttering*

The entrance to the hotel - down a small cobble stoned side-street

One of the bathrooms in a suite - love the rugs; they were all over the hotel

The newly renovated lobby (it was different when we were there but this is gorg!!)

Honestly, if you ever go to the South of France you MUST visit Arles.  It is one of the most magical places I have ever been and if people seem interested I can post some of our actual wedding photos (it was featured in Cosmo Bride (UK edition)). 

Images via hotel websites 

Bare necessities . . .

There are some classic purses that make my heart race, that I consistently dream of and that are on my "One day" list.  You will see a definite trend in my choices - big bags and usually black leather!  These are only my "classic choices". . .  I have about a gazillion "of-the-moment-trend" choices too that I will have to do another post on!

Do you have purses that make your palms sweat at the sight of them?  Please do share! (Disclaimer - this list does not include, but it is surely implied that, ANY Hermes Birkin is always a necessity - just didn't see the need to load like 20 Birkin photos!)


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