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these boots are made for walking in . . . dum dum dum dum dum

From a very young age I have loved shoes - all shoes!  Boots, sandals, heels, wedges, flip flops . . . you name it I can shop it!  I can get lost in the shoe department for hours and try sixty pairs on like it was nothing!  I used to buy 4 pairs at a time because I could never decide which ones I liked the best.  Nowadays, while my love is still as deep, I look more than I buy because running after a 2yr old in any heel, wedge, or espadrille is pretty wreckless because a mummy with a broken ankle or a busted nose is just not gonna work!  But it does not stop me from browsing and lusting and making mental lists for when my kids are older and I can walk upright again (not hunched over running after Emerson trying to make her hold my hand)

I have been on the Victoria's Secret website recently because we are going to Palm Springs in April and i need a cheap and simple bikini for mi caboose and mi bump . . . and I have been surprised at their shoe selection!  I am not a VS customer normally but check out some of these finds . . . I was able to find so many pairs of lookalikes for shoe designers I love like: Elizabeth & James, Fendi, Stella McCartney, YSL and they actually carry Nicole Richies new House of Harlow shoe line!

These Betsey Johnson booties make my heart beat wildly - that hot pink sole? *swoon*

love the simplicity and height of these wedges

I am buying these in the gold/natural for our Palm Springs trip - total "Stella" lookalike raffia sandal for $45

These are a total Fendi lookalike and I really think I need to get them in black and nude . . . don't you? They would go with everything and I think the style is pretty classic.

Not a fan of the black leather ones but I dig them in the gunmetal brownish color . . . great to pair with spring/summer dresses

These are the lookalikes for the Stuart Weitzman sandals Jennifer Aniston made popular!  I like the army green ones and I think the height is great, not too teeter-totery!!!

House of Harlow wedges - I have actually tried these on and really like them, alot more comfortable than I thought.

I am loving these perforated boots in nude for spring/summer and fall!!!


the passion, the drive, the excitement . . .

I am not a natural athlete and I don't like playing most sports (badminton excluded). I grew up in Scotland where "gyms" were a place that schools held PE and gymnastic classes, where they held "jumble sales" and "soup & sweets". No one I knew worked out or ran or exercised in any way shape or form. I did however take very much to gymnastics and then when we moved to the USA I started dancing and a new excitement was born inside me - I absolutely LOVE dancing and choreographing. I was on Dance Team in Junior High and High School and continued to take dance classes in University. Since then I have taken occasional dance-based exercise classes at the gym here and there but they are not the same, and to be honest I miss it ALOT! Dancing is totally freeing, expressive and F.U.N! Not to mention a fantastic workout.

"Take a dance class then!" some of you may say, and yes that seems like the logical solution but to be honest dance studios are not geared for middle-aged mummy's trying to workout and get their "Groove" on!!! So until now I was stuck because a few months ago I ordered the Tracy Anderson mat workout DVD and cardio sequence and I HAVE FOUND IT - the fun, freeing, get you groove on dance workout I have been searching for!!

You should check out her website, and if you want try some of her short YouTube workout videos to see if you like them.  

I cannot wait until I am ready to start working out again - my plan? To do the post-pregnancy DVD and the cardio DVD at home and work up to taking a few classes at her studio in Studio City, CA (she also has one in NY) . . . I think after 2 babies I owe it to myself to take care of myself and give myself some "fun" time and a cardio dance class would be amazing!

Check out this fun little video that she did with Nicole Richie, woo hoo!!

Another thing I have wanted to try for a long time is a Blue Print Cleanse . . .  I was about to go for it and order my first round when I found out I was pregnant again! So this will be something that I will do when I am feeling up to it after babe #2 arrives.  I love fresh juices!! We have a juicer but the amount of vegetables and fruit you have to buy to make a glass of juice is like a "mountain" and it is very messy and labor intensive so I think I will try the BPC for a kick start into juicing.  They deliver it to your doorstep!  For a busy mama I am "SOLD."


In trying to simplify, reorganize, prioritize, and clear-out my life I was reminded of a wonderful online shop, Brook Farm General Store  (you can also visit in person if you live or visit NYC), where I bought this beauty from last year.

canvas & leather tool bag

I spent some time going through their website and weird as it may sound, it totally calmed me . . . . it made me crave a simple cabin or cottage with a vegetable garden, a wishing well, no TV (I know I got a little carried away with my thoughts here - couldn't really live without "Modern Family"), linen/cotton blend throws and sheets and nights spent sipping homemade lemonade on the front porch. 

I would take the Emerson Made Farm A.N.Y. day . . . . .

Take a peek into my fantasy:

linen tablecloths

journals & notebooks - love the color combo

This is a unisex cologne from 1957 - there are 4 fragrances and it can be used as a shave lotion, body splash or bath oil!  I love the old-fashioned packaging and wouldn't that green bottle look great in a bathroom?  Wonder if it smells good?

I am really contemplating getting some of these for the house. There is something so soothing and "homey" about them; like the cups from your favorite diner that you went to with your Grandma

love this waxed leather bag - would be great to have in the back of the car for throwing wet boots or muddy/mucky clothes into, or perfect for toting around the garden.

I think this hand knitted dog is so innocent and sweet

really liking this dog collar - rustic, rugged and kinda like a Hermes bracelet (idea in mind here)

how sweet is this duck? would go great with the doggie above

stainless steel straws!!! what??? I need these for summer!

Cotton towels - awesome

Wool blanket - my granny had these types of blankets but hers were super scratchy and itchy so I would hope these are soft and cashmere-y

Leather wallet - these would be great gifts and there are more colors

love the gold hardware/grommets

I really love this leather pouchette - the color is the perfect neutral blush

"Mummy Circle" Monday

You know the last few months the weekends have flew by and come Sunday night I am more (if this is possible) tired than I am on a Friday night . . . . something is wrong with this folks and I aim to get to the bottom of it.  I know the problem, I am just not sure how to remedy it . . . .

The problem - too many errands to run with tired 2yr old in tow, visiting friends and/or family, the pressure of doing something to stimulate Emerson and contribute to her development (geez that has enough guilt built in to ruin a person), the expectations for the weekend are sometimes different for the mummy and daddy involved, home projects, left over work projects, gym time, and the ever-searching for the little "alone" time.

The remedy - Not sure how to remedy this especially with a new baby on the way . . . it's only going to get worse right????  I welcome any thoughts or suggestions on this one ladies & gents!!!

So I am skipping a mummy interview this week because I found a few other things I thought were interesting!

I really like skimming the Huffington Posts ""Living" section and this week I came across this article, "Is your new baby a Marriage wrecking ball" . . . . it is a pretty good article and worth a read but I wanted to highlight my favorite part and see what you think!  . . . I had to say it definitely brought me a good belly laugh.  Does this conversation happen in your home? Is it realistic and is it really this easy to avoid all the frustration?

"Here are two steps to take when your partner is looking at you with rage, disgust or even just mild irritation.
  1. Describe the emotions you think you are seeing in your partner. Say you go to work and your partner has been home alone all day with baby. You come home, and he or she immediately unleashes on you for being late. Instead of pointing out that it is only 5:36 and you promised to be home by 5:30, say something like, "You look exhausted. And furious. You are clearly about to blow a gasket."
  2. Make a guess as to where those emotions are coming from. Continue, "You couldn't have clocked more than three hours of sleep last night; you must be feeling unbelievably crappy because of that alone. And it doesn't help that I got plenty of sleep, woke up, showered without interruption, and then jaunted off to the office, where I have engaging work, adults to talk to and lunch in restaurants that don't involve pureed peas which eventually land on my collar. I'm so sorry that I'm late, honey. I appreciate all you are doing right now."

The other good "read" I found this week was from "The bump" titled "Top 6 Things Moms wish Dads knew" . . . . here they are and I like them:

1. We still want to feel sexy
2. We're new at this too . . . and its hard!
3. We still love you; we're just tired and cranky
4. Pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are NOT easy
5. We need some help . . . and some breaks
6. Diapers, diapers, diapers

On a good note, Emerson went pee pee on her potty for the FIRST time - bribery via jellybeans!!  We finally got a crazy electrical problem taken care of in our kitchen (fingers crossed on this one) and we tried two new kid-friendly restaurants this weekend that were delicious, close to our house and actually pretty healthy!

I will be back next Monday with another Mummy Interview, a fun boutique website and some more good daily online mum reads!

Something for Everyone . . .

I have recently been visiting American Apparel's website more and more! I am finding I am drawn to the soft casual fabrics, non-fussy lines and silhouettes and the fun color-palettes they have - either bold and wow or neutral and mellow.  And what I love is that there is something for everyone - woman, men, and kids!

WOMAN - hear me roar . . . 

Ever wonder where celebs get their "perfect-slouchy-thrown-together" t-shirts?  American Apparel! 

loving these skirts and little lace T's . . . very 50's, very sweet 

 this delicate peachy dress is perfect for a Spring stroll or backyard wedding . . .

these are the types of dresses I love to throw on at the weekend - easy, comfy and can be dressed up with sandals and accessories!

 I want one of these in each color to lounge around and sleep in - how cute and summery are these?

 Loving this color and the pleats - so breezy and flimsy for a summer day

Fun little party skirt - pair with wedges or flat sandals and a fun colorful necklace
These bras are so comfortable and its great that you can buy them in a pack of 3!!!

Pretty sure I am buying this shirt in this color . . . like tomorrow!

what a great wrap/cardigan - looks like it should be from Stella McCartney's Spring line!

Also LOVING this large leather clutch - I just cant decide what color I n.e.e.d!


Great casual shoe for the summer - I love this neutral grey suede

the tailored lumber-jack

 gotta have my nautical stripes right?

 I am not normally "preppy" but I like the freshness of these shirts - I definitely think Jon could rock either one of these

Perfect "boyfriend" sweatshirt - I would let Jon wear this for about 6mths then swoop in and steal it!

For the Babes . . .

big bird . . . . nothing more to say : )

such a sweet and innocent little dress - may just have to get Emerson some of these for summer

Really? Can I just have this little "look" - lilac leggings, perfect white T and boyfriend cardi!!!

Emerson had a few pairs of these little yoga pants and I loved them - super soft, wash great and easy for walkers & crawlers to get around in

Just love this little pumpkin . . . and that hat!! 

A little yogi!


how sweet and french is this little outfit?

Will be getting Emerson a few of these shiny metallic leggings too - purple, pink, black, and gold YES!!!!

and like 3 of these little skirts and tops PLEASE!!!!

 soft, easy, comfy and sweet . . . . my choices for kids clothes

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