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Just A Flat . . .

In my hunt for a good hotel to stay in Palm Springs I came across The Redbury Hotel  in Hollywood and I L.O.V.E it so much . . . I had no idea this gem was in my own backyard!

One of the reviews I read described it as having a "Keith Richards-Patti Hansen English boho vibe!"  The hotel offers spacious guest flats with "uncompromising amenities and services." The Redbury appeals to a community that is passionately connected to the arts, music, fashion and entertainment.  "Visual auteur Matthew Rolston has consistently redefined how people see pop culture, photography and modern beauty.  Rolston has once again redefined and expanded the scope of his vision with his latest move into the area of experiential design, including hospitality product design, and entertainment. His first hospitality endeavor, The Redbury, has become Rolston's fresh canvas, empowering him to showcase a unique, real-world environment for a style-focused audience." 

love, love, love her style . . .

Just take a look at the gorgeous decor and rooms of this place . . . . I am in love with the bedroom fabric and texture combinations


  1. What an incredible place. Love all the confident combination of traditional and ethnic fabrics really wild but comfortable! Also love Keef and Patti, just read his book and he is a genius (and a great writer actually). She still looks stunningly perfect while he has worn all those years and late nights on his face - love it! Plus she looks amazing in that frock. Great post!

  2. what a place..just a flat :-)? hugs to you


  3. Umm...yea...love this hotel. It looks FABULOUS! My beau was just out there this past weekend. I will ask him if he has heard of it.

  4. Beautiful. I should totally go check it out. I live fairly close.

    That dress in the first photo is absolutely stunning.


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