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I am not a natural athlete and I don't like playing most sports (badminton excluded). I grew up in Scotland where "gyms" were a place that schools held PE and gymnastic classes, where they held "jumble sales" and "soup & sweets". No one I knew worked out or ran or exercised in any way shape or form. I did however take very much to gymnastics and then when we moved to the USA I started dancing and a new excitement was born inside me - I absolutely LOVE dancing and choreographing. I was on Dance Team in Junior High and High School and continued to take dance classes in University. Since then I have taken occasional dance-based exercise classes at the gym here and there but they are not the same, and to be honest I miss it ALOT! Dancing is totally freeing, expressive and F.U.N! Not to mention a fantastic workout.

"Take a dance class then!" some of you may say, and yes that seems like the logical solution but to be honest dance studios are not geared for middle-aged mummy's trying to workout and get their "Groove" on!!! So until now I was stuck because a few months ago I ordered the Tracy Anderson mat workout DVD and cardio sequence and I HAVE FOUND IT - the fun, freeing, get you groove on dance workout I have been searching for!!

You should check out her website, and if you want try some of her short YouTube workout videos to see if you like them.  

I cannot wait until I am ready to start working out again - my plan? To do the post-pregnancy DVD and the cardio DVD at home and work up to taking a few classes at her studio in Studio City, CA (she also has one in NY) . . . I think after 2 babies I owe it to myself to take care of myself and give myself some "fun" time and a cardio dance class would be amazing!

Check out this fun little video that she did with Nicole Richie, woo hoo!!

Another thing I have wanted to try for a long time is a Blue Print Cleanse . . .  I was about to go for it and order my first round when I found out I was pregnant again! So this will be something that I will do when I am feeling up to it after babe #2 arrives.  I love fresh juices!! We have a juicer but the amount of vegetables and fruit you have to buy to make a glass of juice is like a "mountain" and it is very messy and labor intensive so I think I will try the BPC for a kick start into juicing.  They deliver it to your doorstep!  For a busy mama I am "SOLD."

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