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too funny not to share (warning - some nudity!)

I decided this time around to get maternity photos done . . . I didn't do them when I was pregnant with Emerson because to be honest I think most are pretty cheesy . . but I really want to remember this amazing time in my life so I have decided to work with Jylare Photography and get some maternity shots done and some newborn ones done when "numero dos" arrives in July. 

Because I am so picky about the type of maternity photos I like, I sent Jylare some ideas of the kind of pic's  I want, here are some I chose . . .



I think you get the idea - no flowy chiffon and husbands hands on my tummy making the shape of a heart - no, not for me thank you BUT in researching maternity pictures I came across this blog post  and some of these photos had me in absolute hysterics - as in "snorting-like-a-pig" hysterics!!!! These are just some of them but I HIGHLY recommend reading the entire blog post and her comments because her commentary on the photos is hysterical!
just awkward right?

I don't even know what to say - I wonder the significance of the tire?

Do you think they missed their high school prom and were making up for it with these photos?  Aww that's sweet

"Sure honey if you want to be naked too then go ahead; normally it's just the woman, but I am sure these will turn out very classy"

Maybe he's a cop? or maybe just a psycho-path and she likes bad boys????

 Okay and this is my favorite - it left me laughing for a good hour!  I just keep playing conversations over in my head about how this photo came about:
"Honey, come over and show the photographer what you have been practicing" 

"What ideas did you have honey?" " Well I was thinking I could do a headstand naked and you could rest your bump  . . ahem on my bump"

I mean you can just keep making up hysterical dialogs about this one, can't you?!  I told my husband that I had chosen some photos I liked and wanted to see what he thought, I showed him this one - he laughed so much he cried.  I told him to get practicing, we only have till May!!!

bittersweet . . .

How cute are these two . . . I honestly just loved his mum, Diana.  She raised her sons so humble and giving, I really wish she could have been here for the wedding.  

He still looks just like the little boy in these photos with his mum - so happy and a great smile!

 This is such as sweet photo

Look how wonderful Westminster Abbey looks!!! I LOVE that they brought in full-sized trees, it looks amazing!  I cant wait to see all the details . . . but I won't be up at 4am to watch it!!!

bday gifts!!!!

I got some of these amazing macarons from Paulette Macarons

this American Apparel leather pouch

some of my all-time favorite candies . . . 

and my 2 loves (Mr. Hotpants & baby-girl) got me the most amazing necklace from Rock Candy, Fine Jewelry in Del Mar, CA . . .  It is an aquamarine stone (Emerson & Mr. Hotpants birthstone) set in a pave diamond setting.   I am not posting pic's of the real thing as jewelry never looks as amazing in a photo as in person but these are almost exactly what it looks like:
 Actually this is a pic of the exact necklace but if I make it bigger it gets all blurry and yuck!!!  So the rings below are what the stone & setting look like up close - just gorgeous!!!! 

Again he totally shocked and blew me away!!! He deserves some new vinyl gold hotpants  that Mr.!!!! ha ha ha

And of course, mum, was able to pick some perfect pieces out for me from Anthropologie

I am not a "heart" person but this is really sweet - and the heart is large, which gives it a whimsy feel.

This necklace is AWESOME - It is huge and I have already worn it and got tons of compliments on it (it is sold out online though)

These are incredible in person, so light and airy - almost as if you are not wearing any earrings

The perfect "non-perfect" hoops

This scarf is perfect for the summer - the colors are so fun and will brighten up any outfit! 

This lotion is luxurious!  Rosewater fragrance and DOES NOT make your hand greasy!!! 

Beautiful light scent - "honey and lavender" - such an unexpected bouquet of delight!

And from my fabulous & thoughtful dad . . . . a gift certificate to the spa . . . . THANK YOU!!! I need a massage so bad!
My sister gave me this amazing candle from Bluewick and it smells delicious!

I also got some money from my grandma and bought these for myself the other day from the Marc Jacobs store.

They seriously R.O.C.K

so as you can see I had a terrific birthday - I love my life and my family so much - thank you everyone 

1st Dibs

Have you visited or bought anything from 1st Dibs before?  wow, wow, wow!  I get their emails and I can browse their website for hours looking at everything beautiful from fashion, vintage jewels, artwork and furniture.  Take a look at some of the things I can't seem to keep my mind off right now . . . 

1980's french Dominique Aurientis necklace

1960's Moderne Pendant necklace

1970's Lanvin Tortoise Pendant necklace

1960's modernist Lanvin Pendant necklace

1980's Oscar de la Renta evening gown

1980's Michaele Vollbracht couture coat & gown

1970's Gucci clutch

1980's Chanel clutch

"Klite" Nancy Graves 1981 (Watercolor & acrylic) - I am in love with this piece!!!

1960's Hermes Travel Bag

French Louis XVI Style Club Chairs (late19th/early 20th century) - these would be amazing covered in a fab ikat or schumacher fabric!!!

Mid 20th century french brass circular tables - love these!

1955 Frank Lloyd Wright dresser

1940's Blue Glass Murano lamps

i love these ideas!

Make your own ikat boxes to liven up any storage space  . . . . 

making your own gold-encrusted agate bookends . . . (I am totally doing this - think I will buy my bookends from here  or here)

and just for fun i love these pillows - thinking of getting some for the living room . . . . 

I think these would look great hanging over a kitchem island!!!!

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