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Mummy Circle Monday

Today's "Mummy Circle" is short and sweet because that was the feeling . . .

Last night, after putting a weary little Emerson to bed, I headed up to the store to get a few groceries that we were not able to get at Trader Joe's (I hate that we have to go to multiple grocery stores to get everything but oh well). 

I had my list of 5 things, but as I entered the store my gait slowed and I began to meander. . . to look at all the fresh squeezed organic juices and new types of probiotic yogurts.  I found myself in a sort of sleepy, quiet trance as I walked around and got what I needed from my list. 

The store had seemed pretty empty when I entered but when I got up to the check-out, there were only 2 cashiers working and each line had, I am not joking because I actually counted, 13 and 9 people in line, respectively!!!  The people all around me were so upset, many of them rolling their eyes and saying things to each other about how ludicrous this was and that they hated this store and some even put their baskets down and walked out . . . .

Me, on the other hand, I was smiling.  I was in my own world and it was so peaceful.  When I finally got up to the cashier after 15 minutes, the poor lady at the register was frazzled and the first thing out her mouth was an apology.  And I was kind of jolted out my daze.  An apology? for what I asked? She said for the long line and the wait (they were short-staffed) . . . but then she said "but why are you smiling, girl?" and I laughed and said because "the last 15 minutes had been pure heaven for me", it had been my "alone" time and even though there were people all around me angry and upset I was "in my head, in my own world" and it had been marvelous. 

There was no-one to challenge me, for me to listen to, to keep an eye on, to worry about, to entertain . . . it really was 15 minutes of what seemed like complete peace . . . . so I in turn, THANK YOU my "short staffed" grocery store, as it was the end to a perfect weekend. 

"The moment a child is born, the mother is also born.  She never existed before.  The woman existed, but the mother, never.  A mother is something absolutely new"  ~ Rajneesh

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I am the luckiest person in the world because I am Emerson's "mummy" and for that I am eternally blessed.


  1. i personally never mind waiting in line at the market (unless i'm in a hurry!) because i get to catch up on magazines and read celeb gossip! ;)

  2. I know what you mean. Those small everyday alone moments are so precious. When Kevin and I head out for Saturday night those first few moments in the car are euphoric.


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