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Things my body is loving right now . . .

Just a few of my new loves . . .

Super fresh, gentle and does not strip my face and leave it dry.

My face tends to be a little dry, especially when pregnant and this creamy gel is absolutely amazing.  I love the silky way my skin feels after I put it on and it soaks in fast.

This is awesome!! It is making my manicures literally last 2 weeks and still look perfect - no chips!!! 

Insane splurge (I actually got this in my stocking from Santa) but it is wonderful if you have dry skin/hands/cuticles (I tend to have drier skin; I think it is because I am a vegetarian and have been for 20yrs)

I got this last year and it is the perfect red/coral for the summer - I LOVE it on my toes and on my hands when my nails are manicured nice and short!

This is a lifesaver!! - I put this on right after I turn the water off and  I am still in the shower; I use it all over my body - especially my bump, chest, hips, butt and thighs and my skin has NEVER been this soft, supple and radiant!

I use this for everything - chapped lips, dry elbows, to tame fly-away-hairs, cuticle cream, overnight foot balm, for any dry/chapped skin Emerson gets with Diapers or on her little cheeks . . . . It works amazingly overnight and you can buy at any drugstore

 This lace back chemise from Only Hearts has been amazing to sleep in with the beach-ball belly

and this amazingly soft Natori gown in this perfect coral color is great for  lounging around the house on the weekends when I am playing with Emerson.

I went shopping with my friend for her first "new" Balenciaga bag (she has about 3 pre-loved ones) at the BEAUTIFUL Balenciaga store in West Hollywood yesterday!  It was so much fun; kind of like a little wedding reception - they were having some sort of wonderful celebration as they were handing out champagne, petite sandwiches and these insane macarons!!!!
 My friend got one of these caribbean chocolate ones and said she was "addicted"

 I got this coconut one and OMG it literally blew my socks off!!!
You have to try them - they deliver!!!

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  1. I love Caudelie products and I am going to pick up that Chanel nail polish color this wkend - I love it :)



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