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this really stuck with me

"unless you love. . . your life will flash by"

It just really sits with me right now because Emerson is already 2yrs old and we are about to have our second lil' one and I don't even know where the last 2yrs went . . . life really does go fast especially when you don't stop to take it in once in a while. 

I am trying to "freeze" moments in my mind & heart that I am having with Emerson these last few precious weeks I have alone with her. 

To smell her still-baby-smell-hair
To watch her little face when it lights up at something new
To laugh when her little attitude makes its daily appearance
To cherish our bedtime story routine & read one more book than promised
To tickle & tickle her until she gets that belly laugh that she can't control
To try and always answer her questions no matter how many times she asks them in a row

To me the scariest thing about love has always been how deeply and incredibly vulnerable it makes me.  Of course at the end of the day, the years old saying still rings true with me, "It is better to have loved and lost than to never have loved at all," but it still does not mean that love doesnt make you vulnerable, nervous, fragile, and weary at times.

I love this photo - for some reason it reminds me of my mum as a little girl

Mummy Circle Monday 1

Some of my favorite things in Babyworld. . . .

Old Navy roll-over maxi skirts - I just got two of these (one black & one grey) and they are SO comfy and flowy!  I actually changed out of my maternity jeans at the store and put one of these on and went back to work!!  I am going to live in these for the last few weeks of my pregancy and probably for the first few summer months after!  I am wondering if I shouldnt go back and buy another black one before they are sold out!!!

Oh and as a sidenote I am going back anyways to buy one of these chevron tees!

Calypso for Target baby/toddler/girl clothes - love these!

Just got this for Emerson last weekend and it is so precious on her!!! 
I think I might have to buy her everything on this post, "Oh daddy . . . "

Bravado nursing bras & tanks - these are incredibly comfortable, easy to use, and very supportive.

Joslyn over at Simple Lovely always has the most thought-provoking, honest, and real mummy stories.  She is a fantastic stylish mum of two beautiful little girls and I read her blog everyday!  This post that she did the other day really stuck with me.  I am a planner & organizer at heart and it is hard for me to let go sometimes of the "schedule" but I really want to try and embrace the unstructured, the unknown, the unscheduled and just enjoy Mr. Hotpants and Emerson . . . eat at odd times, go to bed a little earlier or later, stay in PJ's all day or go to the park in PJ's!!! I will make a conscious effort to try and "let go" every day, even if just for an hour!

happy friday . . . xoxox

I was so excited to arrive home and get this beautifully wrapped disc in our mailbox from Jylare!  I am so excited for how the maternity & family pics turned out.  Jylare is a genius with the camera and natural light!! I have so many pic's that I love but here are a few of my fav's.  Oh and I cant wait because she is doing our newborn pics too!!!



GP - goop

Do you subscribe to GOOP?  If not it is totally worth the fashion tips, food/recipe choices, tips on natural homeopathic health & wellness, restaurant, hotels and shopping recommendations. 

Have you seen the most recent issue?  I am loving Gwyneth's summer outfit choices (below) aren't you?

I think these looks are effortless and classic, but each one will break the bank!  I think it would be pretty easy to replicate these combinations using a combo of more affordable stores like these . . .

I just love this outfit for any nice summer event - a ladies birthday brunch, bridal shower, afternoon wedding . . . it just looks so incredibly chic and comfortable!

let's do a litte shopping shall we . . .

at Furbish Studio.  This is a great little store to pick up a special birthday present or housewarming gift or just-because gift.  This is the kind of place I love to order 3-4 things and have them for when I want to give a wonderful little gift to a special person in my life.  Problem is I end up ordering things and keeping them for myself . . . Mr. Hotpants can attest to this!!

I am really digging these bistro bowls - thinking of getting them and using them as cappuccino cups!!!

Again my favorite candles in amazing packaging & scents!!

I am in love with these glasses - I swear my grandma had these from the Queens actual Royal Coronation back in the day!!!

This is one of the coolest lamps I have seen in a while!  It could go with so many color palettes and would add a great amount of "mojo" to any room!

Greek Key rug - what is not to love?

These ikat dish towels are on my "need-to-order-for-a-gift-but-will-keep-for-myself" list!!!

and this bronze sunburst ornament (comes in 3 different sizes & can be hung on the wall) has moved to my birthday list, mothers day list, fathers day list (he he he) for I need!!!!


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