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I am so excited for this week . . . bring on the homeland!

I am super excited because my mum flew home last night from Scotland and brought back two of my most favorite people in the whole world . . . my Grandma (Emerson's Great Grandma Smith and her #1 fan) and her sister, my Auntie Janet (Emerson's Great Auntie).

They remind me of a cross between these ladies . . .

and this bunch (we used to actually call my Grandma "Rose" and my Aunt Janet "Dorothy")

they are absolutely hilarious and I can't wait to see them!

They are hands-down the most thoughtful, humble, caring ladies I have EVER known.  They are always visiting and helping people less fortunate than them, helping and baking up a storm for "coffee mornings" (bake sales) and they have recently ventured into the cyber world and have a laptop that they can use to Skype and they joined Facebook!!! 

They are out here for 3 months to visit all the new babes - my sister just had baby Morgan 2 months ago and my brother and his wife just had baby Cooper a month ago and now I will be having number 2 in a few weeks!  They are gonna have all the babies they can handle!

They are the best of friends and they actually live next door to each other . . . it is the cutest thing EVER! They go back and forth to each others house for lunches and dinners!  I seriously hope my sister and I are like that!

On a similar note, well relating to Scotland similar, this Saturday, Mr. Hotpants and I are going to see my FAVORITE comedian, Billy Connolly, live in West Hollywood (Ricky Gervais is a close second) . . . I am so excited; date night!  Who knows maybe "Billy" will be labor-inducing!!!

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