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Mummy Circle Monday

A few of my mummy fav's this week . . . 

Best vitamins if you can't take the horse-pill ones; BellyBar Prenatal vitamins - they taste just like the Flintstones kids vitamins 

Tummy slimming tank top - definately buying a few of these for after baby! Has a hidden smooth panel across the tummy that sucks everything in!  Perfect for pulling everything in and layering your summer tops and blouses over.

Emerson's favorite books and my new favorite gifts for new parents.  The Mr. Men series is a British favorite, I grew up reading them and now they even have cartoons in the UK.  These two sets, here and here, are perfect beginner sets and great prices.  The Mr. Men are a great way for kids to learn emotions and read about what each one means and how to handle them - they have Mr. Happy, Mr. Grumpy, Mr. Bounce, Mr. Strong, etc. and now they have the Little Misses

I am trying Evening Primrose oil caplets every night to see if it helps induce me naturally. . . it is supposed to thin your cervix.  After 37 weeks I can take 2 pills with water and 1 more "internally" --- soooo a little weird but hey if it works and this baby is born naturally WOO HOO!!!!  . . . . I will let you all know how it works

We have tried many different baby utensils for Emerson and she has not taken to any of them as she has these.  They are easy for her to grab, come in fun bright colors, inexpensive and the fork tips are protected/blunted.

and . . .
if you do NOTHING else today you HAVE TO READ THIS POST!

oh and here is a belly pic that people have been asking for. . . .39 weeks!

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