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Sorry for the lack of posts lately, but we are still trying to wrap our heads around organizing and wrangling 2 kiddos now . . . I hear (and pray) it gets easier as you get into a routine so here's to taking it one day (one hour!!) at a time (I will be doing a Mummy Monday post with more on this) . . . .

but to add a little sunshine and color to this day I saw these bracelets over on Sheridan French's blog and instantly fell in love with the colors, the playfulness, the flood of memories that came back to me surrounding BFF's and junior high, and the sheer youthful FUN times that these make me think of.

My fav's . . . the solid black and white ones would be awesome for a night out! and the other colors are just so much fun for the summer - worn with a maxi dress, a bikini and caftan, or denim cutoffs and a little white tank!  Bet you want to rock one now as badly as I do!!! Fun, right?

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  1. Gorgeous bracelets and so easy to wear. I can't believe you're still able to blog with the two babes!


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