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Mummy Circle Monday - My "shortcuts"

I like routine, I like knowing what to expect although I also LOVE a great surprise if it's a fun one!!!  Like everyone I know and everyone who blogs, our family is busy!  Mr. Hotpants and I both work full-time, we own and run 2 private practices (this is almost all Mr. Hotpants; I work for a different company), we have a sassy 2yr old, a loyal but attention-seeking pup, and beautiful babe #2 due TODAY!!!  So I am ALWAYS interested in hearing how other people streamline their busy lives; how they multi-task, how they group things together to save time, how they carve out time to be a mum, wife, friend and human being.

I thought I would share some of our shortcuts!!!

1.  Mr. Hotpants and I watch our favorite shows (Daily Show, John Stewart, 30 Rock, Parks & Rec, The Office, Modern Family) in bed on our laptop via either Hulu, ComedyCentral.com or Netflix.  We are always a day behind but that never bothers us and we don't have to stay up late to watch any of our favorites!

2. I blog either in front on the TV or in bed after Emerson is asleep; but I keep ideas and notes written down all over the place (my purse, my iPhone, on receipts, etc)

3. I help Mr. Hotpants out with the offices by writing out and doing the deposit slips for the 2 offices - I do this as I am watching TV right after Emerson is in bed.

4. If I really need some free time to cook dinner during the week, after I get home from work, I choose two routes - Emerson gets in the kitchen and helps me make Dada's dinner (I sit her on the counter and she mixes things and puts things in bowls) or I put on one of her favorite shows for 30 mins and quickly make dinner.  This time of night is always a time I try to choose my battles wisely.

5. If I am doing laundry I have Emerson help me - she loves to put the dirty clothes in the washer and put in the detergent and softeners and she loves pulling everything out the dryer for me!

6. I get up with Emerson every morning and we get to spend about 1.5 - 2hrs together before I head into work.  I love eating breakfast with this munchkin but to make the process run a little smoother I try to plan some things out.  Mr. Hotpants usually sets up the coffee maker the night before (automatically brews at 6am) so there is usually always a hot pot of coffee waiting for me (it is the first thing I go for) .........

7.  Mr. Hotpants and I are organizers at heart, both work 5 days a week and like to eat healthy so we have found that to make this possible it takes some prep time on the weekends.  Mr. Hotpants will do the weekly grocery shopping either on Friday night (after work or after sweetpea is in bed) or Saturday morning.  We then split it up like this:
  • Mr Hotpants chooses a hearty, easy, healthy lunch choice that can be made in a large batch and stores well for 4-5 days - usually a whole-wheat pasta dish, a vegi-chili, a lentil or barley dish, etc . . . . . he makes enough (alot) for us both to take a serving a day to work for lunch for the week (GREAT way to eat healthy and save $$) and then proportions it into tupperware for each of us -- he does this on a Saturday morning usually
  • We usually discuss 4-5 dinner ideas for the week starting on Thursday/Friday through emails at work!! This way we already know what stuff to buy at the grocery store and what has to be made what night . . . usually like this:
    • Monday - Greek pita pizzas with beet salad
    • Tuesday - Tomato basil soup and grilled goat cheese sandwich
    • Wednesday - Vegi-burger and homemade sweet potatoe fries
    • Thursday - Mexican (black bean tacos & fish tacos)
    • Friday - Either order out, pick-up, or BBQ

  • I plan out what sweetpea is going to have for the week and then prepare it on Sunday.  This way meals can be easy, fast and accesible.  Just pull out 3-4 tupperwares and mix and match a meal for her!  Of coarse there are days she eats totally differently and tries what we are having but this is a typical menu:
    • Oatmeal or cereal for breakfast - I make a big batch of original organic oatmeal (made with lactaid whole milk), then I add some organic agave nectar and store in a tupperware container.  Just scoop some out each morning, heat, add milk and some raisins, cinnamon, or fruit!!! Viola
    • Organic mac 'n' cheese made with real organic butter, lactaid whole milk (sweetpea is a little on the lean side - she is too healthy of an eater!! - so the Doc wants her to beef up her protein and good fats)
    • I steam a bunch of baby carrots, corn & broccoli florets and store them all in tupperware.
    • I wash and cut up any fruit for her for the week - she eats a TON of fresh fruit  & avocados (great but expensive!!) and proportion out some pinto beans & firm tofu

Happy 4th of July!!!!!

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  1. Wow, this is a fascinating read! You are incredibly organised. Sticking to meal plans is incredible, that is why you look so great and are so healthy! I am so slack and slapdash, you have given me some great ideas. You both have your own practices - doctors? or something in the medical field? - wow you are really busy, but well prepared for the new one with systems like this in place!


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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