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swept off my feet . . .

by Fendi's new shoes . . . . like seriously, I would marry any of these . . . . well I wouldn't leave Mr. Hotpants for them so maybe just a little secret love affair on the side with one pair of them . . .

and Talenti Gelato is absolutely the most amazing gelato I've ever had (with the exception of the real stuff in Italy!) . . . I found mine at Whole Foods but it seems like they sell to a ton of other stores.  It is incredibly creamy, made with all natural ingredients and just looks so chic . . . 

It is gluten free, vegetarian, high fructose corn syrup free, hormone free and is simply too good to not finish the entire thing in one sitting - the Mediterranean Mint is divine!!! and now empty in my house!

Oh and still no baby yet . . . to be continued

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  1. Gorgeous shoes, love the top ones - and your new picture! it's fantastic!


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