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thanks for being patient . . .

Sorry I have not been keeping up with my daily blog posts but I promise to resume my regular schedule as soon as we get a handle on new babe and her little tummy problems. 

I have always promised myself that I would be "honest & real" on this blog and that if I had anything worth sharing with others that could help them in any way, I would; so here goes.  I am not having the easiest of times right now . . . I have postpartum depression and it is not easy, fun, or anything I thought I would ever have to battle.  I had similar problems after Emerson but I never really sought help or dealt with them, other than cry in my bedroom all the time.  I was embarrassed and thought that there was something wrong with me; that I was a horrible person that had no right being a mummy. 

This time I was scared that I may have them again so I found a postpartum therapist and actually started seeing her the week before babe arrived, and I actually started a low dose of medication this week.  I really thought I was better prepared this time around, and while that was right in the sense of taking care of a baby, I was still not prepared to handle the postpartums . . . . I don't think you can prepare yourself and you certainly can't control any of it.  It is so very very hard to describe and so much harder to deal with.  I knew that I couldn't suffer in silence this time because I still had to be "mum" to my little Emerson.    

I found solace in another bloggers own story, please if you have the time take a quick read . . . it may help you understand a little more and show you that it can happen to anyone; if you know anyone who has them or suffers in the future try and be there for them in as much a capacity as you can and remember this . . .

I am so lucky to be surrounded by my amazing loving family, friends and my Mr. Hotpants husband.  They have all been nothing but unconditionally supportive and free of judgement.  I am doing everything I can do get out of this quickly and safely.  Please be patient and loving while I bond with this little munchkin and love on my Emerson . . .


  1. Oh I'm so glad i stopped by today. Was wondering just today if you've had the baby and your little munchkin is just so wonderful...I sooo love little babes. Thinking about you in this incredibly hard time and really appreciate your honesty. Good on you. We'll be here for you when you get back.

  2. Hi Emma- My husband (Matt Bathalter) told me about your blog awhile ago. It's been fun following your pregnancy & I love your style posts. I just wanted to say that I think you're very brave to be open with the trouble you're having. The newborn period is so damn hard and very few people are honest about that. And even less so when it's not going as expected. I hope the fact that you are so self-aware and also surrounded with supportive people means this will pass quickly. Your daughters are gorgeous! Take care! -Cindy

  3. Oh Emma, I am so sorry you are going through this but happy to hear that you are taking the steps to help you overcome the challenge. It's so difficult as it is to have one baby, let alone a baby and a toddler (I have yet to experience this whammy), and be a wife, maid, cook, friend...and blogger! It's all so much sometimes, for me too, and I don't have a newborn! How do we do it all? Thank you for your honesty. It helps us all to know we are not alone. xoxo


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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