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thanks to my friend Lindsay, over at Pilates in the City I am now addicted to these.  They are awesome for the summer when your feet get all grimy from being in flipflops all day, every day!  I use mine almost every night and my feet and heels have never felt so soft, and the smell is awesome.   

I am also addicted to using baby oil with aloe right after the shower (I put all over while I am still soaking wet) in place of lotion and my skin feels silky smooth and even looks healthier.

I also cant wait for next week when my doctor gives me the 6wk "go ahead" to start exercising!  I feel so much better this time after my c-section than I did with my first one (my incision got infected and burst open 3wks post-op . . . it was awful) so I can't wait to start doing something.  I am going to start by just walking a few miles with Harper in the stroller and then once I feel like that is normal I will add in some yoga and pilates.  To kick start my "training" I bought these . . . . I love the orange and charcoal! and the price was awesome!


  1. Thanks for the shout out Em! The little nugget is SO cute! Congrats!

  2. Those thingies look so relaxing! I do like the orange and charcoal too, tricky to get trainers that you want to wear everyday...


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