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getting back into my groove . . .

As you may have noticed having TWO babies has definitely put a damper on my daily blogging BUT I vow to get back into the daily schedule.  I swear each day, come 5pm, I think to myself, "great only 3 more hours till everyone is bathed and in bed and then I can get to my magazines, watch my shows, talk to Mr. Hotpants and write my blog."  And at 5pm I have the energy and the enthusiasm but the nighttime/bedtime routine just KILLS me!! No joke, afterwards I barely have the energy & mind power to brush my teeth and take my contacts out, let alone carry on a conversation!  Mr. Hotpants and I just walk around like zombies for an hour or so and then flop into bed! Ay ay ay . . . . we will get there!

Anyways here are a few things I am enjoying right now:

Sauvignon Blanc's . . . .especially crushing on this one "Cupcake Vineyards Sav. Blanc"

Aden + Anais swaddle blankets and burp cloths!  Just got these new bamboo ones for Harper but they are so silky and gorgeous that I will be wearing them as wraps/scarfs myself too!

This gorgeous riding jacket by Gibson . . . . keeping my fingers crossed it is still available in an XS!!!!

These incredibly fun keys for your home or office . . . loving the skull one because it's Halloween time!

These awesome two-tone Tom Ford Rhonda sunglasses . . . . I am slightly obsessed

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