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Hello my lovelies!  I am "hopefully" back on more of a consistent basis again!  Today is my first day back at work as my maternity leave has sadly come to an end.  I will admit I am pretty sure this is going to be a hard, weepy week but I will get through it with the help of Mr. Hotpants, my family and our wonderful nanny . . . oh and of course Starbucks!!!

This beautiful, crisp, Fall Monday I wanted to share a few things I am loving and one of my "quirky" tips!

LOVING . . . .

Kate Somerville ExfoliKate . . . . I am addicted to how amazingly soft this makes your skin.  After all the hormone up and downs my skin has been through with this pregnancy it was SCREAMING for attention and this came to the rescue! It's a little pricey but it is SOOO worth it and you only use it 1-2 times a week so it will last a while.

It is no surprise that I am a huge fan of California Baby products (we use their lotion, shampoo, bodywash and conditioner for the girls) but now I am slightly obsessed with their bubble bath selections . . . they have the most amazing names for all sorts of "kid moods" and each one is infused with aromatherapy oils that are known to calm or help with that particular mood/ailment.  I bought the "Colds & Flu" seen as we are heading into flu season (it is a yummy eucalyptus blend) and the "Overtired & Cranky" with chamomile for those "oh-so-toddler-diva-afternoons."  Added bonus? - They all come with a bubble wand, fun!!!  Some of the other choices - Party, Super Sensitive, Chamomile & Herbs, Calming, and Light & Happy.

The SNUZA (thanks to the recommendation by an old friend of mine, Matt. B!) . . . this is the best "tiny" secret!  It clips onto your babies diaper and monitors their breathing!!! Great for helping ease your mind about SIDS . . . and it is so awesome because you can use it on them anywhere, anytime - in the car seat, nap time in their swing, and bedtime in their crib.  In short, if it does not detect any movement from your baby for 10 seconds it gently vibrates in an attempt to rouse your baby (as they may just be in a deep sleep) and if that does nothing, after 5 sec, a beeping alarm goes off to alert you!  I love it and cant stop telling other mum's about it!  I bought it on Amazon.

I love these little boots from Target - they come in pink and purple and brown and tan; so I think they would work for a toddler boy or girl.  I just can't decide which ones to get sweetpea?  Maybe I'll get 2 pairs since they are only $20!!!

So do you want to know my quirky tip?  I have made it a rule that every time I use the restroom, at work and home, I do a set of 20 push-ups.  I put my hands on the sink countertop and step my feet back till I am in a plank position, then do 20-30 push-ups.  If you do this each time you go to the bathroom, do you know how many pushups you do in a day?? It definately adds up!  I have also decided to add in 20 squats ---- this only takes a minute or so. . . . give it a try (you can also use the wall instead of the countertop!)

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