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Welcome to "cold season" . . . . my least favorite thing about the Fall/Winter months is the perpetual unwavering circle of colds that get passed from snotty kid to snotty kid to baby sisters at home and finally to the sleep-deprived parents only to come full circle back to the snotty kid again!

I have put together a list of my "cold survival toolkit" items that I can't live without during the cold/flu season.  These are not all for kids, they work wonders for adults also!

Crane Cold Mist Humidifiers - these are great humidifiers and come as tons of different animals.  They are easy to use, easy to clean and they keep your little one amused while sick!  Also they have a nightlight in them and are cold mist so there is no worry about your little one getting into boiling/hot water . . . . we have had the duck and now we have the frog but the owl is the new one and I want it wwwaaaaahhhhhhh..........

Eucalyptus Oil acts exactly like Vicks or a menthol rub but it is more pure in the oil form and has no added chemicals so it burns clean.  A great mama friend of mine got me hooked on using an oil diffuser with eucalyptus oil for when Emerson is stuffed up. 

All you need is an oil diffuser, eucalyptus oil, unscented tea light candles, and water.  Fill the diffuser with mostly water then add 4-6 drops of eucalyptus oil to the water, light the tea light under the diffuser and viola! you are set . . . it smells wonderful!  And parents, if you are stuffed up you can sprinkle a few drops of oil in your shower and the steam and the eucalyptus will completely clear out that stuffy nose!

This one is kinda cute but there are so many different versions.

When Emerson is sick I switch to using a bubble bath for runny noses (here or here).  The combination of the eucalyptus vapors and the steam from the bath (I close the window and the bathroom door to trap the steam in the bathroom) does WONDERS for their little snot noses.  But beware it loosens up the snot so you need to get it out with one of those blue suction bulbs or something like the Nosefrida.  And if your kid can blow their nose hallelujah!

California Baby's products are all natural but more expensive than the tried and true Johnson & Johnson

I use baby Vicks on Emerson's chest, upper back and neck and it really helps her little nose clear up . . . . just be careful that you put it where they can't touch it or get it on their hands, because you don't want that in their eyes or mouth!

and I might have to try these "Boogie Wipes with menthol" this season

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  1. Never seen any of these except for good old vicks and really love the boogie? wipes


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