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Cheap thrills

I am grumpy, I am tired and Emerson can vouch for me!  Having 2 sick girls, one that has decided she wants to party like its 1999 from 2-5am then pass out like she's P-Diddy at 5:30am, has gotten me the nickname "grumpy" around this casa.  Emerson has taken it upon herself to tell me when I am making her grumpy ("you making me grumpy mummy"), making her mad ("you making me mad mummy!"), or when I am not being nice ("that's no nice mummy"). . . . all of which is told to me with the wagging of her little pointer finger! Ah the joys of motherhood!

Anyhoo I am finding some cheap thrills in these inexpensive but fun finds as of late . . . .

Don't laugh, but I randomly stumbled into a Wet Seal the other day (I didn't even know they were still in business!!!) and I found a pair of the comfiest loungy pants I have ever owned . . . these french terry leggings!  They have them in charcoal, a light grey, and cream!  I bought them (2 pairs) as "hanging-around-the-house-lounge" pants and I haven't been out of them since!  They are a cotton, nylon and spandex blend so they are thick, stretchy and hold you in, in all the right places!  They are only $12.50 . . . . I think I am going back to get more, they just feel so cozy & good . . . perfect paired with a snuggly sweater and some UGG's!

During the fall & winter I love to burn candles ALL the time but it is ridiculous to buy a $30 candle every week so luckily I picked up a few of these at my local drugstore for $3.99 . . . I stocked up on the Apple & Cinnamon scented ones!!  The have other great Holiday scents: Cinnamon Rolls, Frosted Pine & Snowflakes, and Cocoa & Flickering Fireside scents!  Sometimes stores have specials on them and you can get 2/$5 . . . . Run out and get some . . . .they make the house smell deliciously "Holiday-y"

I got these insanely gorgeous and comfortable boots from H&M for $34.99!!!! They had them in black but they sold out in like a day!  If your store has them in black PLEASE let me know . . . I will order them today.  I am loving the stacked heel!

I am signing off now because I am actually asleep while typing this . . . .

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