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major vs. minor

There are some things that I would spend $$$$ on, aka "major investments" and others that I wouldn't spend that much on; "minor investments" . . . . Trendy things are always a minor investment for me whereas classic, timeless pieces I would spend the extra cash . . . . and let's be honest, if I was loaded I would buy anything and everything I wanted in the $$$$ category!  Check out what "minor investments" I recently made

MAJOR - Stella McCartney ($545) via

MY "MINOR" BUY - Old Navy (17.99) via

MAJOR - Isabel Marant ($615) via

MY "MINOR" BUY - Old Navy ($12) via

Both of these booties are amazingly comfy and lightweight; they kind of feel like walking on air!  Can't believe I got both for $30, they will  both look great with leggings, skinny jeans and even dresses with thick tights!

Thats all for today folks, I have a bit of a cold and feel like my head is going to either implode or explode . . . either way it is not going to be pretty so I am off to try and get some zzzz's before little Ms. H needs her middle-of-the-night bottle.

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