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Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

S H * T . . . . .
AAHHHHHH is Christmas really this weekend. 

Essentially we are ready but really?! Where did the past 4 weeks go? Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? Weren't we all just blogging about maxi dresses and wedge sandals? . . . . wasn't I just pregnant?

Although I love Thanksgiving, I really wish it was in September or October so that we could start enjoying and getting into the Christmas spirit in November.  I feel like just when I am finally getting into the spirit, Christmas is gone and over. 

And each year I have lofty ideas of baking tons of Christmas goodies, cramming in Christmas festivities: plays, ice skating, tree lightings, Disneyland Christmas fireworks, spiced cider mulling on the stove as I wrap gifts and listen to Christmas carols, Christmas shopping at the beautifully decorated stores and wrapping my gifts in gorgeous paper and ribbons . . . . but what normally happens is . . .

 I order everything online two weeks before, wrap either early in the morning or late at night in my PJ's and just to get it done, listen to Christmas music while sitting at my desk at work, and my gifts are wrapped with the help of a 2yr old who loves TONS of tape and thinks each present needs at least 4 "To & From" tags . . . . I keep thinking "next year I'll get it!" Anyone else feel this way?

Anyway, on this Monday I leave you with the cutest little set of cheeks EVER . . .

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