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Friday Ramblings . . . .

Hello peeps! I can't believe it is Friday again; this week has dragged on and flown by simultaneously!  We can now add, whooping cough and ear infection to our evergrowing list of sicknesses this month!!  We have a crazy busy weekend but it is going to be filled with fun Holiday festivities.  

First dinner with my dad (Papa to the girls) Friday night . . . . I am pretty sure this is going to be delicious Indian food, well I am hoping it is Indian (hint, hint Mr. Hotpants!) Then soccer practice on Saturday morning with Emerson's BFF, followed by Christmas tree shopping and decorating with Papa!!!   Then on Sunday we have a family Christmas photos shoot with my awesome and favorite photographer of all time, Jylare (she did my maternity pics and Harper's pics).  I can't wait to see her again, she is such a wonderful lady!

So onto my Friday ramblings. . . . You have got to love a man who can speak fluent french, especially if its Bradley Cooper!!! Ladies this is for you .....sorry Mr Hotpants but I just had to share!

I also wanted to share some of the simply stunning UNICEF Snowflake ball gowns that the ladies wore this year (doesn't that name just sound wonderful and whimsical - I wanna go!)  I love these dresses , they are feminine, delicate, and quirky all rolled into one . . . . and I swear all these women just keep getting more beautiful with age!

This Sally Hansen Insta-Dri has "instantly" become my new favorite polish! After just one use, I was hooked.  I love this polish because of the time factor. There is none. It goes on so nicely and dries so quickly, it has made painting my nails fun rather than the chore it used to be.  It dries to a smooth-as-glass finish. I've purchased this in three colors and cannot see bothering with any other brand any time soon. Love it! And its only $3-4!!!

Uptempo Plum

Rapid Red

Slick Slate - My fav!!

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