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have you seen any marbles?

they are round, glass, kind-of-cracking, and all different colors? You have!!! Great because I am LOOSING MY MARBLES with all the crazy non-sleep musical beds that is going on in this house right now! 

If I wasn't so tired (haven't had anywhere near a full night sleep in 4mths) I would be able to laugh my a*s off at all of these adventures BUT it is so hard to see the humor in it at 2am, 3am, etc . . . . but I am laughing as I type, well crying/laughing ha ha ha.

Emerson is a little girl that does things in her own time.  We have never needed to push her into a transition; she has gradually, when she was ready, always done it on her own (which I love about her!)  So imagine my delight when she decided to sleep in her big girl bed at nights! She had been napping in it for about 6mths but bedtime was a NO!

I was elated and proud and so excited that she, again, did this on her own . . . . and that all lasted for about one night! OMG what was I thinking??? We should have left her in her crib till she was 10! 

We have gone from a 30-45 minute bedtime routine to a 2-4hr ordeal . . . we are now scared of the dark, need to have the door left open, daddy needs to come in "one more time" like 10 more times, there is some sort of "grumpy" pink dragon hiding somewhere? (whom, I was informed, is not getting any presents from Santa) and numerous requests for water, band-aids, one more book and "stay 5 more minutes." 

To say we are exhausted is a complete understatement . . . . I haven't spoken more than 2 sentences to Mr. Hotpants in about a week!  And to add to the complete excitement of this new phase, our little Ms. 5mth Old is all over the place with diarrhea, a gnarly diaper rash and a new sleep schedule ..... aka she is not sleeping!

But perhaps the funniest(?) part in all of this are the "tales of a wandering 2.5yr old" . . . . let me enlighten you with some of the recent escapades . . . .

1. Emerson climbs into bed at 2am, we tell her to lay down, snuggle and go to sleep.  Emerson's response?  "Mummy, daddy I show you where Max (her elf) is?"

2. I wake to Emerson sitting at the side of our bed, on the carpet, with a cup and a gallon of milk . . . . pouring herself something to drink ....... 5am

3. The other day I woke up startled and panicked! Something cold and heavy was on my head! My first thought? Where am I? What is going on? Who is in here?  . . . . I wont keep you in suspense too long but it was a bunch of cold bananas sitting on my face! Emerson wanted one to eat ...... 5am

4. One nights escapades - Harper wakes for a bottle 11pm, Emerson climbs into our bed 1am, Emerson tries to strike up a conversation with mummy & daddy 1:05am, Emerson asks for her DVD player to watch Dora 1:10am, Harper wakes for ???? (who knows?) 2am, take Emerson (finally asleep) back to her room 2:15am, Harper wakes again 3am and as I am walking out our bedroom I notice Emerson passed out on the floor next to daddy's side of the bed, feed Harper 3:15am, carry Emerson back to her bed 3:45am, wake to Emerson's feet over my face 5am, Emerson wakes and asks for a squeezy yogurt 6am.  And guess what? I had to get my butt into work for a 9am meeting after this night ha ha ha ha . . . . seriously help me!

5.  I wake to a funny rustling noise and a door being closed only to find that Emerson has brought every single Christmas present from under the tree into our closet . . . . 5:45am

6. I am feeding Harper in our bed at 2:30am, Emerson walks in and whispers something to me that I don't quite catch but say OK anyways.  Off she goes into the dark hall to her room, only to return with banging and clanging and smashing . . . . she carried her 2ft Christmas tree into our room to put next to the bed so she could see the lights . . . apparently I had agreed?!

7. We have a candy advent calendar that is missing Dec 17, 18, 19 candies and looks like it has been dragged behind a car, it is so torn up . . . . this had to have happened prior to 5am sometime in the last week.

I am asking Santa for this book

For some of you this post will be hilarious and relatable, for others it may be free birth control (your welcome) and for some it will bring back funny memories (funny now cause it was 10yrs ago) . . . . . but I hope all of you got a kick out of it because this little girl is keeping us on our toes.

BTW - we installed a fridge lock yesterday . . . . no more cold bananas.

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  1. Oh no. I value my sleep so much. I take full advantage now because I know one day my time will come to lose most of it because of children. I feel for you. I do. I hope someone gifts you sleep for Christmas. :)


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