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a new me?

I am proud of myself.  I am a complete perfectionist. I like handwritten thank-you notes, I love wrapping paper, I adore note cards on thick cardstock . . . . I love wrapping presents and adding beautiful bows, and ribbons, and labels, and putting glitter in envelopes.  I love all the prettiness of it BUT I had to let it go this year. . . . and it feels so good and freeing

My Emerson wants to help me wrap everything, and I mean everything! We have even wrapped her sippy cups, her bowls, a box of crackers and one of her shoes.  And she tries so hard to copy me and do as I do, that I just did not have the heart, or even really want to, go back and fix them or correct her.  So instead of presents like these under our tree . . .

. . . we have a tree full of gifts that all look like a version of this! But the memories I have and the fullness in my heart are so much more than any perfectly wrapped present!  I am proud of myself for letting go and just "enjoying" life instead of trying to control it, even if it is just this one little thing.  It's a start right?

Don't be jealous that we can afford to throw 3-4 labels on each gift . . . we are high rollers like that!

Here is something I'm admittedly jealous of . . . . look at all these orange bags Nicole's assistant is carrying!!!! . . . le sigh ....... that is some "merry" Christmas going on there!

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  1. So happy that you've learned that while your children are young. It took me a lot longer. I love the "new you" wrapping! Have a Wonderful Christmas!!!!


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