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A pie in the sky . . .

On the 5th day of Christmas
my babies gave to me
5 sticky gingerbread-house white frosting fingers,
4 antibiotic-induced, diarrhea, blow-out diapers,
3 public meltdowns,
2 hours of sleep, and
a healthy dose of whooping cough

By the way all of the above are very true and are happening daily in our casa . . . . ha ha ha

And in other news, these are some things I am crushing on at the moment . . .

I am going to keep this idea in mind for Christmas card photos next year . . . . so romantic and cozy!  Doesn't it make you want to run and smooch your special someone  . . . like . . . right. . . .now!!!

I think this is a great gift for that someone who has everything and appreciates a little classy vintage with a mod twist! 

I like this

and this

I would love to hang a few of these in my backyard (when I get one) . . . . they add some rustic whimsical charm

Look, someone else is enjoying the elf too (by the way I love this blogger, isn't her lamp & wallpaper TO DIE FOR!)

I am going to try making these delectable popcorn's this weekend if things slow down a bit! I mean truffle Parmesan popcorn . . . holy moly, I am salivating at the title!


  1. Aaah the blow-out nappies, how could I forget. Especially the yuletide presents...Loving that lights photo....

  2. Emma, I'm so sorry I haven't ventured over sooner! You always leave the sweetest comments and I've had your comments saved as a reminder to come say hello. You know how it is with the craziness of "mummy hood"...I love saying "mum," btw:) This post was hilarious and so my life. GL with the whopping cough! xo


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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