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Walking on clouds

On the 4th day of Christmas
my babies gave to me
4 antibiotic-induced, diarrhea, blow-out diapers,
3 public meltdowns,
2 hours of sleep, and
a healthy dose of whooping cough

I was insanely lucky to find two pairs of Tory Burch Eddie flats last week here for LESS than the price of one pair!!!! I know, I know, sit down, take a breath, and zen-out for a minute! Insane right?

I had been contemplating buying them but at $180 a pop it always seemed steep for a pair of flats! BUT Mr. Hotpants is always saying how I should be wearing supportive shoes and not heels and flip-flops all the time . . . so guess what honey?  I listened to you and got myself two pairs!  Thank you so much for your loving advice and your shopping approval; you were absolutely right . . . they are like pillows for my feet!  These are the two I got . . . 

I love that Tory puts these special "Care" instructions on her website for her shoes.  This will probably let me get more miles out of these babies . . . 
  • We recommend spraying leather shoes with a treatment like Meltonian before wearing.
  • Remove salt stains during the winter by dabbing a solution of equal parts white vinegar & water. Wipe clean with a water-soaked rag and air dry away from any heat source.
  • Remove scuff marks by dipping a clean cloth into water and then baking soda. Gently rub the spot. Dab clean with a water-soaked rag and buff dry.

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  1. This is already an old post but congratulations on your Tory Burch Eddies. I bought the black patent ones in April. I just love them. I hope you are still loving yours. After 5 pairs of Revas I think I'll stick with the Eddies for a while. Thanks for sharing


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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