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can't live without

After a weekend of a few minor "mishaps" (ahem - crayons and strawberries and grape juice) it has been affirmed that these are 2 of my "can't live without" products.

This amazing Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover pen - perfect for purse, car, diaper bag or that "kitchen" drawer (you know the one - the one with anything and everything in it!) - It literally takes off anything; as witnessed by the disappearing strawberry and blackberry juice stains that were all over Emerson's white t-shirt.

And the Mr. Clean  Magic Eraser pads- These are, how do you say? MAGIC!!!  They take crayon off any surface (not carpet) and they take those black scuff marks off the bottom of your doors and door frames - a friend and I recently just cleaned all our interior doors with these and they look brand new!!!

simple & classic Calvin

stunning . . . . and my inspiration for getting back in shape by July 2012 (1yr post baby #2)


Be fearless . . .

Follow your heart, fall on your face and pick yourself back up!  Life is all about trying.
Happy Weekend 

some randoms of our house & life . . .

First let me say that I have not mastered the photography aspect of the blog yet.  We have 3 amazing camera's but most of the time I grab the iPhone!  And since I work everyday most pics are taken in the morning or evening when the light is, how do you say, *le yuck*

We live in a 1100sq ft condo in Santa Monica so everything that I buy usually has a dual purpose so we can use it for storage or it can be used for multiple purposes.  And I am obsessed with keeping things as minimal as I can having a dog and 2yr old and 2 adults living in a 2 bedroom condo. 

Emerson's bookcase where we keep her shoes, socks, hats and toys in these canvas storage boxes in brown and pink.

Emerson's room is huge so we have the luxury of having a queen bed in there and our PC.  Love these organic storage bins!

Morning tea anyone?

Can you see that pink blur behind the table - Emerson was "going fast" . . . ha ha ha.  She loves her chalkboard table

Our room - we painted it chocolate brown and LOVE it!  I found that turquoise box at HomeGoods and the leopard print glass lamp with linen shade at an estate sale in Beverly Hills a few years ago!

Emerson's cardboard house on the patio (courtesy of granma & grandpa) - it is still being decorated as you can tell

The living room in the morning before it is converted into a playroom!  Love my Jonathan Adler  stacking box for the remote controls, my voluspa candle, my lambskin  rugs and my Williams Sonoma Home throw pillows  (sold out).  That red rug will be gone tomorrow and replaced with this new pretty!  Which means I need ALL new pillow covers - yeah shopping!

Our "entry way" if you can call it that . . . we have two vintage maps; one of Delaware (where Jon was born) and one of Scotland (where I was born) that flank that tall mirror.  The red artwork you can see in the mirror is our favorite artists Daniel Densborn.  We discovered his work in Le Baux, Provence on our honeymoon, and now have 2 of his pieces hanging in our home that we had shipped back.

Our small side table is actually a storage cube in black distressed finish.

happy happy weekend . . . xoxo E

Things I never knew . . .

until I became a mummy

1. that i could possibly love someone as complete and unconditionally as I do Emerson (how could you not?)

2. that i could literally watch someone sleep for an hour without even thinking about it or it feeling like an hour

3. that I could survive with only 2-3 hours of sleep in spurts (this is nothing like pulling an all night study session)

 Don't be distracted by my old bedding - way too much going on there!

4. that i could pick up, hug and comfort the same little person that just projectile vomited all over me

FYI - This is not vomit, it was her first rice cereal!

5. that projectile vomit is actually "projectile" and looks exactly like it does in movies!

 not vomit either - I am not that gross!

6. that someone with the vocabulary of 50 words could crack me up so much, that I literally start snorting & laugh my butt off

7. that bubbles, and flowers, and ladybugs, and pebbles, and magnets, and stickers are all AMAZING things when you are seeing them for the first time

8. that I would willingly get up every 2hrs and get my nipples pierced over-and-over again . . . aka first 2 weeks of breastfeeding

9. that sleep deprivation is a true form of torture and that it can make you delirious, feel like you are hungover and feel like you need to vomit! nice, i know, but true!

 Not sure what she was up to with her pants?

10. that all the cliche statements about having a baby are TRUE . . . "it is the hardest thing you will ever do but the most rewarding and amazing thing too"; that "you don't know real love until you have a child"; that "the world through a child's eyes really is beautiful" and that "your life as you knew it will never ever be the same."

life with this munchkin is good . . . xoxo E

Lunch take-out

I picked up this pretty  yesterday and I love it!!!  I normally don't buy things at Old Navy for myself, not because I don't like the stuff, but because it never ends up fitting me right, but this gauzy leopard print blouse fit perfect in the XS (I am petite and have narrow shoulders).  I have always wanted a Dolce & Gabbana leopard print blouse but not the time to buy one when you are 5mths pregnant so this is perfect for the belly, the budget and the eyes!  

Summer flats

As spring and summer are upon us and my 5 1/2 mths pregnant belly is upon my feet, comfortable chic flats spring into mind these days!  I have a pair of Lanvin flats in an army green color that I love but Lanvin is not the practical shoe when it comes to price range for buying a few pairs; they start at $485 - I got mine for a steal on eBay!  So I looked into a few other options . . . (more here )



I bought this little French Connection dress (it is a little longer on me) and I want to pair it with some camel flats and my tool bag (see previous post) . . . . perfect for pregnancy and spring, with a short trench on top

Light Gives Heat

You have to check out this amazingly beautiful site.   The company, Light Gives Heat, "is a small non-profit company working toward creatively meeting real needs in both Africa and America." this is their mission & vision:

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If nothing else, you have to read how Light Gives Heat got started , it made me cry!  They get creative with the ways they can help embrace and empower Africans to help themselves through sustainable economic development. Right now their main focus is the Suubi (hope) project in the villages of Walukuba/Danita and the EPOH project in Jinja, Uganda. 

The work of these artisans is beautiful, the stuff we see here in the USA in Barneys, Nordstroms and Saks.  But these pieces all have a story, all come from the hands of a person who has seen and experienced a life we will never know.  

During the month of February they have an offer called "buy one give one" (you get two for the price of one)!  You should check out the video to see the founder's reason for doing this - it's all about passing on and spreading the story.

Look at these beautiful bags - I am definitely buying one and can't wait to give one to keep their story going. And that beaded necklace!!! Two please!



Just going to lay down here for a few . . .

my love story in watercolor . . .

I love, love, love the watercolor sketches of Caitlin McGauley!  They can brighten my mood anytime of day; the colors are so vibrant and the vibe is fresh and simple.  She also has a blog that is such a treat to visit, you should definitely take a look.    She has been "painting and drawing on every available surface since childhood, from placemats at restuarants to driveways and sneakers." 

As I was looking at her fanciful work today I realized I could literally tell my love story through her sketches, so here goes . . .

it all started when this man, who was searching for that "someone" to make him "whole," found . . . 

 this amazingly talented girl, a very chic girl at that, who was also searching (I want that necklace) . . .

while looking fabulous every step of the way, might I add . . . 

and after a few of these (and a few glasses of champagne) . . . . 

they found themselves here . . . making promises . . .

next came one of these, in the form of a sweet Puggle named Lucy Sue . . .

and they bought one of these cozy places to snuggle up in, in Santa Monica . . .

they spent their days at the Farmers markets & their nights whipping up some deliciousness in the kitchen . . .

then along came the sweetest thing to ever touch their hearts, Emerson Poppy . . .and yes mummy always looks this good!

and as Emerson grew up to be such a delight and their home became a masterpiece . . .

mummy had time to relax and enjoy all of life's luxuries . . . The End 
xoxo E

Check out Caitlins work here
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