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constant flux

with children i feel like my life is in a constant state of flux; infinitely changing.  just when you get something down to a routine it changes, their temperament changes, their health changes (teething, flu, ear infection, etc) and you have to start all over again.

we are in the throngs of the terrible 2.5's with Emerson.  I seriously feel like i went to sleep one night with the most kind, sweet, gentle baby girl and woke up to a too-much-energy, defiant, lippy 2.5yr old.  Some of her most recent and most memorable new sayings (read these with an authoritative demanding tone and you will get the picture!) - "No way," "No! Do it now," "but I don't want too," and the all too warm and fuzzy "Go away mummy!"

I keep reminding myself that this is normal and means that she is going through the normal development stages and is right on track for her age but it does not mean it is easy.  My therapist told me about this book and so far I really like it.  They have them for every age up to 14 . . . i feel like the author literally wrote the book based on Emerson because the way they are describing 2.5yr olds is absolutely spot on with Emerson's new behavior. 

she also recommended this book as a way to deal with children ages 2-5 . . . she says she knows it's hard but sometimes you have to dig deep within and bite your tongue and "parent" on their level.  Toddlers worlds are filled with games, fun, playing, and discovering so if you can get into that mindset it may help you avoid a few tantrums here and there.  I like this idea but i must admit it can be hard, especially when Emerson is pushing my buttons, to think about being playful!  But she recommended things such as - if you cant get your child to stop playing for dinner then pretend with them that you are both dinosaurs and need to hunt for your food and go on a "hunt" around your house and end up at the dinner table, or if your child won't be quiet and let the new baby sleep (ahem Emerson!) then have them pretend to be a mouse who is hiding and has to be very quiet . . . . well you get the idea.

and just because here are some random photos of our week . . .

We said goodbye to Grandma at LAX and then we had a "picnic" (aka crackers, juice, & yogurt stars) while watching the airplanes take off!  Emerson loved it; the first plane she saw taking off she screamed "wow, that's cool" . . . i love it!

our sweetpea . . . 6 weeks already! where does time go? this was taken right before that mischievous pointer finger, in the top left, poked her in the eye!!!

seriously can she be any cuter and have impeccable taste??

this was insanely good! i asked Mr. Hotpants to bring me something yummy from Wholefoods and he brought me this . . . i mean i started salivating at the description "lemon cookie with honey lavender ice cream!!!!" and YES it tasted as delicious as it sounds.

wonderful memories . . . sad goodbye

My grandma and aunt Janet are going home to Scotland today and I am sad; I am going to miss them terribly.  They have been here for 3 months and it has been absolutely one of the best times in my life.  We were so incredibly lucky to have them here for the births of both Emerson and Harper, and those moments could not be any more special to me.

My grandma is the most humble, thoughtful, funny, and giving person I know.  She is resilient, she is strong, she is a believer, she is generous, she is loving, and she is the BEST grandma and great grandma anyone could ever ask for. 

Grandma's teach you wonderful lessons; my grandma has taught me to never give up because things will get better, she has taught me that you don't need much to be happy, she has taught me to always think of others and help those that are less fortunate than we are.  And she has taught me to laugh, to enjoy life, to travel and to eat what you feel like eating! 

This trip has been more amazing than any of the others because she was able to spend lots of time with all FOUR of her great grandchildren.  And they weren't just observers, oh no! this great grandma and great aunt were hands on "baby whisperers"!!!  I was able to spend 2 weeks at my mums with Emerson and Harper and Grandma and Aunt Janet were an unbelievable help . . . they did bottles, burping, diapers, swaddling, but most of all they held baby Harper and relished in all of her "coo's" and "ahh's" and gummy smiles.  

One night, when Harper was 3wks old, both my mum and I could not get her to calm down and sleep.  She was hysterical and screaming with that ear-piercing newborn cry that just makes me cringe.  Mum and I had tried all of our gadgets and all of our "tricks" that we've  learned from reading the newest and best baby books that are out there . . . NOTHING was working.  Then Grandma came along and said "let me try" . . . she took Harper in her arms and walked away, ten minutes later there was no more crying, no more screaming and it was peaceful.  I went looking to see if everything was alright and I found my Grandma sitting in a chair in the dining room, lights off, and Harper fast asleep in her arms . . . and Grandma was ever so gently singing a sweet lullaby to her.  It reminded me that life is precious, and that it can be simple and sweet. 

We took some family photos before they left (L to R) my mum, me, Emerson, Grandma holding Harper, my sister, Aunt Janet and my sister-in-law

Emerson L.O.V.E.S her great grandma

We love you Grandma and Aunt Janet and can't wait to see you again . . . soon!

random things that are making me smile

thanks to my friend Lindsay, over at Pilates in the City I am now addicted to these.  They are awesome for the summer when your feet get all grimy from being in flipflops all day, every day!  I use mine almost every night and my feet and heels have never felt so soft, and the smell is awesome.   

I am also addicted to using baby oil with aloe right after the shower (I put all over while I am still soaking wet) in place of lotion and my skin feels silky smooth and even looks healthier.

I also cant wait for next week when my doctor gives me the 6wk "go ahead" to start exercising!  I feel so much better this time after my c-section than I did with my first one (my incision got infected and burst open 3wks post-op . . . it was awful) so I can't wait to start doing something.  I am going to start by just walking a few miles with Harper in the stroller and then once I feel like that is normal I will add in some yoga and pilates.  To kick start my "training" I bought these . . . . I love the orange and charcoal! and the price was awesome!

Our weekend in photos

we had a nice relaxing weekend, well as relaxing as you can get with newborn and 2yr old. . . the weather was cooler, there was a great breeze from the beach, the park was our best friend and we even managed to fit in some family nap time!  and I had a Caramello . . . I love them!

Oh and Mr. Hotpants and I both completely forgot but it was our 7yr Wedding Anniversary on Sunday . . . we will have to celebrate another time . . . I love you so much Pookie!

So here are some random pics I snapped

her new tinkerbell shades that nana bought her and her green shoes to match her green jacket! that was her demand!
this was her response to our "say cheese"?!

ever since Harper was born she will not put her "paci" down!!!

love my beaba

trader joe's goodies!!!

I love the california native gardens that are at our park!!

Emerson is loving her car's & dinosaurs right now . . . who says daddy needs a little boy?!

Emersons new favorite book, thanks to the animated readings by Auntie Milaana - we love you!!!

the park!

I have no idea what this tree is but it had these cool yellow star-like flowers and smelled lovely!

we are still working on getting the days and nights figured out . . . ay ay ay

maternity leave can be . . .

dangerous for a woman with a computer and credit cards!!!!  To make my self feel, ahem "better" I thought a few new things may help! 

This awesome Rachel Rose silk tee - I can't wait to get it, I love navy and coral together!

I absolutely LOVE booties, they go with everything - jeans, dresses, skirts, you name it!  When I saw these nude colored Rachel Roy  ones I had to click "add to cart"!!! 

I NEED energy, so in my quest to find something other than coffee I came across this Greens 8000 and
boy do I hope it lives up to the reviews and my expectations!!! I will let you know

I am always searching for an easy-to-apply, kid friendly, gentle sunscreen for Emerson to wear everyday because it is ALWAYS sunny here in Los Angeles and she is outside everyday!  I read about Supergoop on Paltrows "GOOP" website and then when I read the reviews on Amazon I was sold --- I hope it is as easy to apply as they all say because the other "natural & safe" kids sunscreens have been a pain to put on (like white chalky stuff that won't rub in!!!) 

I bought a monthly pass for Emerson to go to Giggles 'n' Hugs !  I think she is going to love it, I know that me and our nanny will! Indoor playground with good food and air conditioning! Perfect for the hot summers and rainy days.

I also ordered Harpers announcements from Pinhole Press - they are such a great company and the announcements are simple and sweet - just like her!

too cute not to share . . .

The fantastic Jylare did it again with these amazingly beautiful newborn pic's of Ms. Harper Bluebell.  She was 2 weeks old here and Jylare was so patient with me and Harper; she was not in the most cooperative mood that day!

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