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Some days . . .

After Emerson was born, a wise and incredibly witty friend of mine (ahem E. G.) told me that there would be days where I felt I could conquer the world wearing my Bjorn and then days where someone could look at me wrong and I would burst into tears . . . . and she was absolutely spot on! 

There are days where I feel like I am somewhat "doing it all" and that I am able to fulfill my both my sweetpea's needs, my needs, cross things off my to-do-list and actually sit and talk to Mr. Hotpants for a bit and then there are days where it feels like I am failing on all fronts, and failing miserably!  These are the days when copious amounts of coffee are consumed, there is usually a dance party at some point in the day, and inevitably there is a pajama-TV-lounge afternoon involved.  Nothing on the to-do-list gets done, no dinner is made (sorry Mr. Hotpants), the dog is not walked and I don't feel I have done much to "stimulate" my toddler's ever-developing-at-the-speed-of-light brain!  Do you ever feel like this? 

One of those afternoons . . .

Seriously motherhood, or parenthood for that matter, is a roller coaster of guilt, exhaustion, elation, laughing, biting your tongue and patience . . .

Anyhoo . . .who would have thought that an afternoon at the dentist would feel like a mini-vacation!?  Seriously I almost fell asleep getting my teeth cleaned today. . . . it was that QUIET in the office that I literally was almost asleep!   

My mini-vaca also involved some great Fall magazines and the tastiest juice I have ever had from hereI had the "Greens 3" and it was incredibly fresh and crisp

I am hoping to get some of this in this weekend with my little sweetpeas and Mr. Hotpants! 

And I am super psyched for Date Night #2 happening tonight!  Not sure what the plan is but I don't care as long as I can get dressed up, eat delectable food, have some "oh-so-needed" cocktails and hold hands with Mr. Hotpants!  Oh and have some UH...MA...ZING dessert!  Here are some pic's from our date night last week . . .

Drinks at The Georgian Hotel in Santa Monica.  Great historic hotel with yummy cocktails

Mr. Hotpants and me . . . he is a such hottie and you should see his tush!

My Clare Vivier clutch that I adore & some "after-cocktails-shopping" which is SO much fun

The Georgian at night . . . we sat out on the patio overlooking the beach . . . it was bliss

Hope you all have a fantabulous weekend

getting back into my groove . . .

As you may have noticed having TWO babies has definitely put a damper on my daily blogging BUT I vow to get back into the daily schedule.  I swear each day, come 5pm, I think to myself, "great only 3 more hours till everyone is bathed and in bed and then I can get to my magazines, watch my shows, talk to Mr. Hotpants and write my blog."  And at 5pm I have the energy and the enthusiasm but the nighttime/bedtime routine just KILLS me!! No joke, afterwards I barely have the energy & mind power to brush my teeth and take my contacts out, let alone carry on a conversation!  Mr. Hotpants and I just walk around like zombies for an hour or so and then flop into bed! Ay ay ay . . . . we will get there!

Anyways here are a few things I am enjoying right now:

Sauvignon Blanc's . . . .especially crushing on this one "Cupcake Vineyards Sav. Blanc"

Aden + Anais swaddle blankets and burp cloths!  Just got these new bamboo ones for Harper but they are so silky and gorgeous that I will be wearing them as wraps/scarfs myself too!

This gorgeous riding jacket by Gibson . . . . keeping my fingers crossed it is still available in an XS!!!!

These incredibly fun keys for your home or office . . . loving the skull one because it's Halloween time!

These awesome two-tone Tom Ford Rhonda sunglasses . . . . I am slightly obsessed

Today and every day . . .

Hug your children extra tight
Hold hands with your partner
Smile at strangers where ever you go
Help someone with their groceries
Read your child "one more book" they always ask for
Pray for peace
Hope for peace
Call your mum and dad
Laugh and smile
Tickle your little ones until they are snorting with laughter
Be thankful for EVERYTHING in your life

If you are reading my blog you have a gift . . . . the gift of life
Enjoy it each and every day

my recent loves . . .

Hi everyone, hope you are all enjoying the last of the summer as we are!  We have been busy visiting family and friends, taking Emerson to lots of museums and parks and BBQ-ing!  Although summer is great my absolute favorite time is Fall & Winter!! And having College football start this past weekend has got me super excited for the yumminess and coziness of Fall . . . apple cider, roasted root vegetables, red wine, cinnamon-scented pine cones, and jeans, cardigans, and boots weather!!!

and here are just some recent things i am enjoying . . . i bought Emerson 2 pairs of shoes from this store and they are absolutely darling!  the leather is buttery and flexible and she actually loves them . . . these are the ones i bought (for the fall)

i got the pink style in brown for fall and the gold ones - they are awesome!

my friend, Vivian, recently got me hooked on this for the girls, and i have been using it for everything; from rashes, dry skin, sore bottoms, and actually on my face at night!  the scent is so relaxing and soothing, you have to try it!

Emerson has to be bribed to take a bath these days (she hates having her hair washed) so these have completely helped in getting her to take one, and it has taught her how to mix colors to make new colors (red + yellow = orange)  . . . . and they don't stain your bath or their skin or the towels!!!!

Emerson got these great Melissa & Doug puzzles as a gift and she loves them!  They are great beginners puzzles (only 12 pieces) and to my surprise she was able to do them all by herself in a day or so, and i find her sitting by herself doing them quite alot!!! Great brain development exercises!  I am going to get more . . . i think she will LOVE the dinosaur ones. 
and just because . . .  these two girls make me soooooo incredibly happy 

Ms. Harper Bluebell kickin it on a Sunday morning . . . wish I could sleep like that!

my gorgeous brown eyes . . . we have been taking morning Starbucks runs together, just the two of us, and Emerson loves it!

 Apple juice and a pink mini-donut is her standing order!

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