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fancy that . . .

What a great little addition to my Holiday closet these would make.  They would kick any outfit up a notch, whether it be jeans, flats, and a tank or a great LBD. 

Happy Wednesday 

weekend in review

We had a busy & packed Thanksgiving weekend filled with family, delicious food, awesome wine, boogers, fevers, sharing why we are thankful, out-of-town family, boogers, more fevers, chocolate-covered-peppermint-marshmallows, (I know!!! right) warm apple pie, soccer, cousins, boo-boo's, oh and did I mention boogers and fevers?

Fun but exhausting! . . . .  come to think of it this should be our family creed! Our 2yr old is still spewing snot and coughing up her pint-sized lungs and our mini-miss is holding at a perfect 101 fever and has lost her voice! 

Bring it on bacteria and viruses, bring it . . . . I am equipped with the Nosefrida . . . . the official Snotsucker Nasal Aspirator . . . . oh yes, be afraid, be very afraid . . . this thing works wonders.  If you are a parent, or are going to be, you MUST get this.  I thought it was the same as the blue bulb thingy you get from the hospital so I put off getting it until now and OMG I was wrong! The blue bulb has nothing on this baby.  To be honest and weird, it is kinda fun using it!!!!  Its like a competition to see who can get the most snot (disclaimer - probably have to be a parent to understand that one)

And just for good measure, a few pic's of the weekend festivities . . . . 

If you have room . . .

after your Thanksgiving feast, treat yourself to this little delectable yummy from Starbucks! 
Peppermint Brownie Cake Pop

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