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Part deux . . .

I can't believe we are heading into Christmas Eve! I have to admit I am super excited because this is the first year that Mr. Hotpants and I get to stay up on Christmas Eve and build toys!!! Just like our parents did . . . I plan on putting on some comfy jammies, having a glass of champagne and kissing Mr. Hotpants a lot while we build a piano, a bike  and an activity table .......... ohhh and I have to remember a bazillion batteries for the other toys!

I leave you with some more of our awesome holiday photos because these girls are just delicious! 

Merry Christmas

 Does she look like she is hiding something? That's becasue she was!  Chocolates!
Thanks Jylare

 Like Father . . . 

. . .  like daughter!


Ummm have to say I'm kinda likin this one of Mr. Hotpants . . . sexy and mysterious!

look at these two again . . . LOL

a new me?

I am proud of myself.  I am a complete perfectionist. I like handwritten thank-you notes, I love wrapping paper, I adore note cards on thick cardstock . . . . I love wrapping presents and adding beautiful bows, and ribbons, and labels, and putting glitter in envelopes.  I love all the prettiness of it BUT I had to let it go this year. . . . and it feels so good and freeing

My Emerson wants to help me wrap everything, and I mean everything! We have even wrapped her sippy cups, her bowls, a box of crackers and one of her shoes.  And she tries so hard to copy me and do as I do, that I just did not have the heart, or even really want to, go back and fix them or correct her.  So instead of presents like these under our tree . . .

. . . we have a tree full of gifts that all look like a version of this! But the memories I have and the fullness in my heart are so much more than any perfectly wrapped present!  I am proud of myself for letting go and just "enjoying" life instead of trying to control it, even if it is just this one little thing.  It's a start right?

Don't be jealous that we can afford to throw 3-4 labels on each gift . . . we are high rollers like that!

Here is something I'm admittedly jealous of . . . . look at all these orange bags Nicole's assistant is carrying!!!! . . . le sigh ....... that is some "merry" Christmas going on there!

I'm addicted . . .

to my daily emails from The Daily Groove.  My wonderful and patient therapist recommended this to me when I asked her how she kept herself sane through the daily chaos of raising children.  She said that she read her daily email from this site and it would help her put things in perspective and boy was she right!!! Read yesterdays email . . . I so needed to be reminded of this; it shed such light.
 Life Is Messy... Get Over It!

In man's quest to conquer nature, our culture has

developed an unhealthy aversion to the natural
messiness of life.

Heaven forbid you should eat an apple that isn't nice

and round and free of bug bites. Those get made into
applesauce so we never have to see their messiness!

And if our high-tech, Star Trek fantasies were real,

we could avoid the messiness of birth and simply
"beam" babies out of the womb -- without a drop of
blood in sight.

Even if you're a "crunchy" parent who's not afraid

of nature's messiness, there may be other kinds of
messes you abhor, like the messy ways children learn,
explore, and process emotions. Or the messy way *you*
grow through parenthood.

Today, whenever you feel bothered about anything, ask

yourself, "What 'messiness' am I resisting?" Are you
not allowing your *own* process to be messy?

Well, get over it! Life IS messy.

Let life's messes remind you how good it is to be ALIVE!

She has gone and done it again . . .

That Jylare is a miracle worker with her camera!  Some of our new photos . . . le sigh, I am in love with my family!

Another day another dollar . . .

Getting dressed for work in SoCal during the "winter" can be problematic as the weather literally changes from morning to afternoon, from day to day.  And I don't mean cold in the am then some rain . . . I mean cold, overcast, foggy and drizzly in the morning then perfect 75-degree summer afternoons!! Here are a few pics from some work outfits from last week; alot of light layering usually works best, oh and an umbrella because honestly here in SoCal, you never know. . .

Tory Burch Eddie flats, Adrienne Vittadini cigarette pants (random buy but the perfect pants!), Forever 21 leather jacket (old) and leopard infinity scarf (in stores now), vintage Gucci belt (eBay), Banana Republic blouse and my absolute favorite, Carrie Bradshaw-inspired leather glovettes (bought on eBay 2yrs ago)

 Now I just need that clutch!!! Prada??

H&M boots (here), Romeo & Juliette leggings (BEST ever), Patterson Kincaid black tunic, Old Navy blue crew sweater, Forever 21 infinity scarf & Chanel-inspired cuff

Are you thinking what I'm thinking?

S H * T . . . . .
AAHHHHHH is Christmas really this weekend. 

Essentially we are ready but really?! Where did the past 4 weeks go? Wasn't it just Thanksgiving? Weren't we all just blogging about maxi dresses and wedge sandals? . . . . wasn't I just pregnant?

Although I love Thanksgiving, I really wish it was in September or October so that we could start enjoying and getting into the Christmas spirit in November.  I feel like just when I am finally getting into the spirit, Christmas is gone and over. 

And each year I have lofty ideas of baking tons of Christmas goodies, cramming in Christmas festivities: plays, ice skating, tree lightings, Disneyland Christmas fireworks, spiced cider mulling on the stove as I wrap gifts and listen to Christmas carols, Christmas shopping at the beautifully decorated stores and wrapping my gifts in gorgeous paper and ribbons . . . . but what normally happens is . . .

 I order everything online two weeks before, wrap either early in the morning or late at night in my PJ's and just to get it done, listen to Christmas music while sitting at my desk at work, and my gifts are wrapped with the help of a 2yr old who loves TONS of tape and thinks each present needs at least 4 "To & From" tags . . . . I keep thinking "next year I'll get it!" Anyone else feel this way?

Anyway, on this Monday I leave you with the cutest little set of cheeks EVER . . .

Hallelujah . . .

This is an outfit I would love to rock for a cozy, glammed-up night at a friends holiday soiree . . . .

I would pair it with these accessories:

 Gorgeous and fun Anya Hindmarch clutch via

 insanely gorgeous Yves Saint Laurent's

 Show-stopping Charlotte Olympia's 

or these sizzling Louboutins

Foto Friday

On the 6th day of Christmas
my babies gave to me
6 crushed-up crackers in our bed, 
5 sticky gingerbread-house white frosting fingers,
4 antibiotic-induced, diarrhea, blow-out diapers,
3 public meltdowns,
2 hours of sleep, and
a healthy dose of whooping cough

A few weekends ago we had our Christmas session with the fabulous Jylare.  Here are a few outfit shots and behind the scenes shots.  Cant wait to get the professional ones hopefully today!

Harper's fancy dress (Babies R Us)

The girls "casual" clothes.
Emerson - Grey skinnies similar (Gap), Crocs Crocakiddo boots, H&M Cable knit sweater, Janie & Jack faux fur vest (last year), Oeuf neckie 
Harper - cable knit leggings and dot shirt (H&M)

Emersons outfit #1 (Granma and I could not choose just one Christmas outfit for her so she has two)
Dress and shrug (Janie & Jack), gold ballet flats (2Scoops) ... love these shoes 

Emerson's 2nd outfit (all Janie & Jack)
And here are some of our outtakes (taken on iPhones) of all the grandchildren.  This was a pretty funny, albeit freezing, photo session with all these babes!

I am thinking if the professional one of this comes out somewhat good then it will be our Christmas card!  Love the strangling hold Emerson has on poor Harper!

I will post some of Jylare's professional ones on Monday

Have a cozy cuddly weekend

have you seen any marbles?

they are round, glass, kind-of-cracking, and all different colors? You have!!! Great because I am LOOSING MY MARBLES with all the crazy non-sleep musical beds that is going on in this house right now! 

If I wasn't so tired (haven't had anywhere near a full night sleep in 4mths) I would be able to laugh my a*s off at all of these adventures BUT it is so hard to see the humor in it at 2am, 3am, etc . . . . but I am laughing as I type, well crying/laughing ha ha ha.

Emerson is a little girl that does things in her own time.  We have never needed to push her into a transition; she has gradually, when she was ready, always done it on her own (which I love about her!)  So imagine my delight when she decided to sleep in her big girl bed at nights! She had been napping in it for about 6mths but bedtime was a NO!

I was elated and proud and so excited that she, again, did this on her own . . . . and that all lasted for about one night! OMG what was I thinking??? We should have left her in her crib till she was 10! 

We have gone from a 30-45 minute bedtime routine to a 2-4hr ordeal . . . we are now scared of the dark, need to have the door left open, daddy needs to come in "one more time" like 10 more times, there is some sort of "grumpy" pink dragon hiding somewhere? (whom, I was informed, is not getting any presents from Santa) and numerous requests for water, band-aids, one more book and "stay 5 more minutes." 

To say we are exhausted is a complete understatement . . . . I haven't spoken more than 2 sentences to Mr. Hotpants in about a week!  And to add to the complete excitement of this new phase, our little Ms. 5mth Old is all over the place with diarrhea, a gnarly diaper rash and a new sleep schedule ..... aka she is not sleeping!

But perhaps the funniest(?) part in all of this are the "tales of a wandering 2.5yr old" . . . . let me enlighten you with some of the recent escapades . . . .

1. Emerson climbs into bed at 2am, we tell her to lay down, snuggle and go to sleep.  Emerson's response?  "Mummy, daddy I show you where Max (her elf) is?"

2. I wake to Emerson sitting at the side of our bed, on the carpet, with a cup and a gallon of milk . . . . pouring herself something to drink ....... 5am

3. The other day I woke up startled and panicked! Something cold and heavy was on my head! My first thought? Where am I? What is going on? Who is in here?  . . . . I wont keep you in suspense too long but it was a bunch of cold bananas sitting on my face! Emerson wanted one to eat ...... 5am

4. One nights escapades - Harper wakes for a bottle 11pm, Emerson climbs into our bed 1am, Emerson tries to strike up a conversation with mummy & daddy 1:05am, Emerson asks for her DVD player to watch Dora 1:10am, Harper wakes for ???? (who knows?) 2am, take Emerson (finally asleep) back to her room 2:15am, Harper wakes again 3am and as I am walking out our bedroom I notice Emerson passed out on the floor next to daddy's side of the bed, feed Harper 3:15am, carry Emerson back to her bed 3:45am, wake to Emerson's feet over my face 5am, Emerson wakes and asks for a squeezy yogurt 6am.  And guess what? I had to get my butt into work for a 9am meeting after this night ha ha ha ha . . . . seriously help me!

5.  I wake to a funny rustling noise and a door being closed only to find that Emerson has brought every single Christmas present from under the tree into our closet . . . . 5:45am

6. I am feeding Harper in our bed at 2:30am, Emerson walks in and whispers something to me that I don't quite catch but say OK anyways.  Off she goes into the dark hall to her room, only to return with banging and clanging and smashing . . . . she carried her 2ft Christmas tree into our room to put next to the bed so she could see the lights . . . apparently I had agreed?!

7. We have a candy advent calendar that is missing Dec 17, 18, 19 candies and looks like it has been dragged behind a car, it is so torn up . . . . this had to have happened prior to 5am sometime in the last week.

I am asking Santa for this book

For some of you this post will be hilarious and relatable, for others it may be free birth control (your welcome) and for some it will bring back funny memories (funny now cause it was 10yrs ago) . . . . . but I hope all of you got a kick out of it because this little girl is keeping us on our toes.

BTW - we installed a fridge lock yesterday . . . . no more cold bananas.

Baby it's cold outside . . .

This time of year makes me want to stay indoors, close the blinds, turn on the Christmas tree lights and curl up with some delicious treats while watching Christmas movies . . . Here are some of my favorite yummies and top movie picks. . .

Peanut Brittle  - oh the buttery goodness!

Milk Chocolate Molasses Chips . . . . these are the first ones I eat in an assorted candy box but an entire box just of them . . . hells yeah!!!

And I can't forget my TJ's favorites

As for movies, these are my absolute favorites to watch every year . . . all of them give me that warm -fuzzy feeling!


Oh and a little extra; check out some of these "out-of-this-north-pole" candy recipes here!!
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