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One giant leap for mankind . . .

Hope you had a fantabulous weekend!  We spent it with family and it was wonderful!  Had the BEST, and well overdue, dance party with the hottest chickas . . . me, my stunning-as-always-sister, a gorgeous almost 3yr old (I'm not biast), an absolute riot of a 10mth-old, a slobbery-hot-mess of a 6mth old and 2 overly enthusiastic puppies! . . . I know, I know it sounds like many a night you may have had in Vegas . . . when in Rome!

Moving on . . . Yow-za!  I love a good unexpected SALE!!!! I got this awesome neon yellow Cosabella set for next to nothing . . . . and these Soludos, that I have been meaning to buy for the past 2 summers, for .....$10!

I don't think Mr. Hotpants can miss me in these!!! Although I am pretty sure neither can the astronauts on the space station!

Fluorescent Friday

loving these

crushing on this

this painting is pulling me in

a sweet hand sculpted bunny rabbit to brighten a room

this adorable sock monkey

and I may have to order this fabulous infinity scarf

Laughed till I cried

This blog is frickin hilarious . . . . Dads, you should follow these guys, they have the most hysterical posts about parenting, kids, breastfeeding, fist bumps (you will have to read to find out) . . . . Check out this one about sleep positions . . . . we have a "Snow Angel" crossed with a little bit of the "stalker" . . .  what do you have?

My favorite!!!

I'm not sure what sequence of events would have to take place to get into this position???

Our dog used to lay on us like this as a puppy

Love that the dad has one eye open!!!

a little gem!

I found a great new online store, Nasty Gal! The prices are great and the fashion is perfect . . . here are some of my spring must-haves!

What do you think? Great stuff right? Go check out the store yourself; there are so many other pretties

wow . . .

She is STUNNING at 5mths pregnant!

Really!!!???? I am so bummed, I thought they were in it for the long haul! Poor kids : (

Love her sleek simple look!

Just yummy!

a snapshot

For your Sunday morning coffee read I give you a "20 minute snapshot" of our Saturday night . . . prepare yourself, it's sexy!

To set the scene, Mr. Hotpants was in the shower, I was in the kitchen feeding Ms. Harper and Emerson was dancing around singing "Jingle Bells," then the 20 minutes began . . . (insert "Jaws" theme music here)

Emerson leaves the kitchen to go talk to daddy in the shower, 3 minutes later Emerson comes flying into the kitchen with no diaper on and poop smushed all over her little bumbum, she was saying "mama help me, my bumbum hurts" and I hear Mr.Hotpants yelling "Emerson come back here; jump in the shower with daddy and wash your bumbum." Harper is laughing hysterically in her high chair at all of this.  I get some wipes and clean Emerson up, she calms down and goes into the living room.

I finish feeding Ms. Harper, take her out of her highchair and let her crawl around. I clean up the kitchen and then head out to the living room only to smell, you guessed it, poop again.  Ms. H had pooped this time so off with the diaper, wipe her little tushy and then I leave her bumbum to air dry for a second while I go and get a diaper and cream.  I come back out to smell something awful . . . more poop! I check Emerson, nothing there, check myself, nope not that either, then as I walk into the kitchen I catch Lucy (our dog) following Ms. Harper and sniffing her bumbum! Ms. Harper had pooped again and it was everywhere, it was all over the hardwood, her feet, her PJ's, her legs . . . little bits were stuck to her toy she was holding . . . . and our dog! Our dog was sniffing her like she was another doggy! AAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

Strip off the clothes and stick her straight in the kitchen sink, I rinse her bumbum, then sit her in a little bath of water.  As I am soaping up Ms. Harper and cleaning her off, Emerson comes tearing into the kitchen, screaming "I pee pee'd on my little potty! YEAH YEAH YEAH" . . . . This is GREAT news, as we are potty training right now! High-fives and yipee's followed.   Emerson gets a "congratulatory squeezy yogurt" and heads back into the living room.  I finish washing up little Ms. H, dry her off, put on a diaper and PJ's and set her down to crawl around while I clean up the kitchen sink. 

Finally I think, I'm done for the night only I'm not!!!!  I walk into the living room and there she is . . . . little Ms. Harper has her hands in Emerson's little blue potty and is splashing around in . . . . Emerson's pee (we put the potty in whatever room Emerson is in so as she can go right when she needs to while we are potty training) . . . . . ARE YOU FRICKIN kidding me!  Could this Saturday night get any grosser????  And this all did really happen in like 20 minutes!!!

I kept thinking to myself, "Seriously . .  . no really, seriously, this isn't my life is it?"

So . . . . . I hope you all had as sexy a Saturday night as we did over here, and I hope this gave you a good Sunday morning laugh!  Things could be worse, right?!

a peek . . .

some people have asked what I wear as a working mummy so . . . . here is an outfit I wore to work the other day

 Saint Grace maxi dress, vintage Gucci belt (eBay find), Forever 21 vest,
Calvin Klein long cardi (old), Tory Burch Eddie flats, Betsey Johnson chain necklace

Okay so enough about me lets move on to some DELICIOUSNESS!  You HAVE to try these . . . you will not be able to eat just one!  These are my favorite "healthy" snack now and completely satisfy my sweet-tooth that attacks daily around mid-afternoon! 

delicate . . .

I had no idea there were such beauties on Etsy.  These are all organic handmade lingerie ..... I love them ..... perfect for the romantic month of February coming up (although I'll probably be wearing these - got them as a gift and they are amazingly comfy)

brookthere - "handmade organic & sustainable clothing by brookthere on Etsy, from her studio in downtown Portland, Maine. (Organic cotton shirts, dresses, and lingerie, organic wool jackets & sweaters, and organic cotton shirts for men.)"

how absolutely wonderful do these look? I am really enamored with the delicate simplicity of these. . . . I want a set in every color!!!! And I love that it is handmade in the US and that it is organic. 

and people wonder . . .

why I want to adopt a child . . . . . I have no words as I cannot look at this image and not cry, in fact, I weep.

Skin Food . . .

literally this is it! It is rich and creamy and makes my skin feel great.  I have a hard time with my hands and cuticles always being so dry but this has really helped out recently.

This is the yummiest, creamiest protein powder ever!  I have tried quite a few different ones and none have tasted as good as this one.  It is also the only one that I found actually made me feel full and can tie me over between lunch and dinner.  It is a little more on the pricey side but I think it is totally worth it!

And what do you think about these bursts of color!!!! They have me smitten


the buck stops here . . .

I am trying this today . . . or tomorrow . . . or Wednesday . . . I'm scared; I think it's going to kick my a*s! . . . Try it with me! It seems like a quick and dirty workout for busy mums.

I hope you are . . .

having a fantastic weekend . . . I am hoping mine is filled with fresh flowers, champagne, and yummy food!

baby lock-down aka baby proofing

So . . .  since this little monster has decided to blow through every milestone there is and is crawling, sitting, pulling to standing on the furniture and honestly about to take her first steps ALL before she turned 6mths a few days ago . . . baby proofing has become needed asap!

 "Trouble? Who me?" 

 Do you see that mischievous smirk . . .

We baby proofed when Emerson was mobile but we didn't really need it as she was never really interested in the cabinets but little Ms. Harper is going to be all over them!!! She is into everything and a total climber!!! HELP!

Here are some of my favorite baby-proofing gadgets that we currently use . . . .

Fridge lock- we actually just bought this because Ms. Emerson was in and out of the fridge (like her daddy!)  ALL day snacking!

Pinch guard - these have been great for us at all different ages.  When they are little it helps with not getting fingers jammed in doors, not getting locked in the bathroom (happened to Emerson!!) and when they are older it stops them from being able to slam the door in your face when they are "grumpy with you mummy!"

Toilet lock - water safety is one of the biggest hazards when they are so little because if they peer into the toilet and fall in they don't have the skills to pull themselves out!!! Terrifying . . .  so we have these on all our toilets.

 Oven lock - we got this when Emerson started standing on broiler handle at the bottom and holding onto the oven handle while the oven was on!!!!! It works great!

Night light - we just go this one for Emerson and so far she loves it.  It is rechargeable, changes color or can stay on one color, and has a 30 minute timer or an option to stay on all night.  If it is on the charger and there is a power outage it will automatically turn on to the battery setting (I love this as for some weird reason we always have power outs!!!)  The have a few different options too - hippo, dinosaur, angel, bear, moon and moose!

We have also found that a string of Christmas tree lights also work great as a night light and are so whimsical

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