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A few of my new favorite things!

These found their way into my HUGE stocking . . . okay, so I laid out a trash bag as my stocking!!!

Clarisonic - my skin has NEVER felt this good, even after a facial!!! Go and buy yourself one today!

Sonicare toothbrush - I was in total denial about getting an electric toothbrush because they are so ugly sitting out on the sink but this one is awesome you can charge it and it will stay charged for like 4 days, so I can put the ugly charger away!  Oh and my teeth feel squeaky clean after using this . . . . kinda worried how "dirty" they have been for the past 30 years now??!!!!

Awesome shoes - I got these in black and they are the most versatile and sexiest little shoes ever! They are going to look great with my cigarette pants (below) for work, sexy with skinny jeans for those rare date nights and would look great with a LBD!

Ugg Slippers - not much to say here . . . Ugg + slipper = pure happiness

Amazing Emersonmade shirt and black cigarette pants! The material for the pants is amazing . . . I can't wait to wear these!

My Drybar addiction enabled again! Mr. Hotpants really knows how to make me smile : )

This beautiful silk teal Joie blouse

The awesome Kindle Fire (Amazon) - totally saved us on the flight and in the airport!!!

and last, but not least, 2 flights to Maui for me and Mr. Hotpants!

So to all my Santa's . . . "wow" and a huge THANK YOU!!!

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  1. So I'm not sure what "dry bar" is but... Really digging your style! I've been wanting sonics for my hair and face.


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