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Joyeux Anniversaire

A year ago today I got up the courage to share my life with you all on this little blog and I am so happy that I did. 

I have met wonderful bloggers, learned valuable things about myself, been technically challenged with figuring the whole "blog" thing out and pleasantly surprised at how much I enjoy it.  Disclaimer - it is kind of like "free" therapy for me, but don't tell my medical insurance that or I am sure they will try to bill me somehow!!!!!!

I want to give a huge thank you to my special "King" for giving me the encouragement and confidence to start this blog . . . she laughs (sometimes hysterically with snorts) at my stories and the craziness of my life and told me that my openness and honesty is something I should share with others . . . . and so I have and I hope you are enjoying this ride with me.

I am proud of myself, and for those of you who know me, that is a hard thing for me to admit far less post to the world, but I am.   I am proud for sticking with it, for enjoying it, for being honest and open on it, for reaching out to other bloggers for advice, guidance, or in support, for involving my awesome mummy friends and sharing hopefully some information that may help them, inspire them, and make them feel normal.

Thank you to everyone who stops by and to my family and friends that read and laugh and comment.  I hope to get more followers, continue sharing fun stories & branch out with this blog  in 2012.

Take the ride with me . . .

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