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Where to start . . .

I had no intentions of falling of the face of the earth (blog world) for this long! And I can't even say I entirely enjoyed it as it has been an absolute blur and I am thoroughly exhausted. 

It went a little like this: pack the car up with presents and drive to the parentals, unpack the car, celebrate Christmas, then pack the car back up and head home, unpack the car at our place, pack 3 suitcases up and jet out of LA early on the 27th with the 2 babes in tow, arrive at Philly airport take a bus, get the rental car and drive to, wait for it (and please don't be too jealous) . . . . Delaware! No I didn't stutter, I did say Delaware (insert your jealous tantrum dance here) . . . we spent 4 fun days visiting family then, you guessed it, packed up and headed home, only to unpack again when we got here (disclaimer: there are still 2 cases unpacked - I just can't do it!)

To add to all this delightful chaos, our nanny has been gone visiting her family in Brazil, Harper got her first tooth on our outbound flight, Harper is not sleeping longer than 3hr stretches and I DON'T KNOW WHY??!!!! (pulling my hair out here)

So for my first post back I am going to leave you with some photos from the past week or so because to be honest I am so discombobulated that I I don't even have any idea what day it is and my brain hurts . . . . I will be back tomorrow with something interesting I promise!

We got a scooter from Santa and a . . .


and many, many safety pads (nose-picking break)

Harper on the outbound flight trying to get close enough to eat the DVD player

Playing at Grandma's house with daddies old books from when he was a little boy!

Delaware was pretty chilly so the babes were all bundled up

Trying on her new robe

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  1. The photos are totally adorable. Oh all that work and travel brings back fond memories for me. It is so unbelievably hard to travel with littlies I just say kudos and gold certificates and stamps on the hand. You deserve a supersonic gin and tonic!


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