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urban for the home

Good morning lovelies . . . . I have to admit this post almost didn't happen . . . I am about 60 seconds away from ripping every strand of hair out of my head.  Little Ms. H is screaming hysterically right now and has been for the past hour and I CAN'T take it tonight! The crying sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard!  Thank god I have a husband who I can literally "tap-out" too and he steps in fully and takes the brunt.  He doesn't get bothered by the crying, I think he actually secretly likes it because he gets to snuggle and hold his little Ms. H for a few precious moments.  Me on the other hand, well lets just say the window was open and I had two feet out!!!! I'm telling you this parenting thing is not for the faint of heart. . .

anyhoo . . . I knew Urban Outfitters had stuff for the home but I had no idea that it was "super-cool-I-need-in-my-house-NOW" stuff!!!  Look at these pretties . . . and the prices are insanely affordable.

these would be gorg over a kitchen table or island!

I might have to get two of these for the sides of our bed

Love the industrial look of these for a kitchen or study/library or even a kids room

Their headboards are so chic and affordable

Digging this stripped one, like A L O T!!

I am really drawn to the colors in this blanket/quilt . . . looks so cozy 

another fab headboard! very art deco

This would be a fantastic and fun night light!  I may have to try it out for Emerson

Such great rugs at awesome prices

LOVE this chair . . . throw a sheepskin rug on it and give me a cup of hot tea = heaven (and LEAVE me alone)

Great little table, especially if you have babies/toddlers . . . rounded edges (less severe forehead bumps) and the hidden shelf for putting all their crap stuff

Definately will be getting this when we have a house for a kitchen, playroom, or kids bedroom.  What a wonderful way to make you smile every day

great ikat rug . . . really nice color combo

quantity 1 . . . add to cart

quantity 1 . . . add to cart

quantity 1 . . . add to cart ....... CHECKOUT!!!

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