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3 going on 13

Do you read the online newspaper "The Huffington Post"?  I do on occasion, not consistently, because nothing in my life is consistent.  I like the articles, especially the section for parents.  It is broken down into 11 sub-sections: "parentry, moms, dads, pregnancy, babies, toddlers,  kids, teens, parent coach, global motherhood and the playroom"  The articles are always the perfect length for a busy, distracted parent and always seem to shed some light on phases or issues we are going through.  I read this great post, done by a mummy, today and I wanted to share an excerpt from it with you because I think my life is about there right now . . . . this had me rolling because it is spot on!

"It is at this point that the toddler transformed from the sweet child I once played Peek-a-Boo and rocked to sleep to what I can only imagine mirrors a meth addict detoxing. She ran around the house with such fervor that she drained the energy from every other breathing thing in the room -- flies ceased buzzing and plants wilted"

"Today, I was pretty sure that the whole clothing debacle was going to be a repeat when Maisy adamantly requested to wear her spaghetti sauce stained purple dress from the night before. After my initial response of "It's too dirty" failed to garner a different reaction than the previous day, I reminded myself of the notorious Albert Einstein quote, "Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again expecting different results."

The Albert Einstein quote was a nice reminder that I need to switch up the way I react to things with little Ms. 3yr-old.  We are smarter than them, we can change the subject, distract, use reverse-psychology . . . its just a matter of having the patience and then taking the time to follow through . . . . and then there are weeks like this one where I am thinking of just posting this on my forehead . . .

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