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Fountain of energy

I have found it!! I have found my fountain of youth!  It is tiny, crunchy, and black and you will be blown away at how wonderful these make you feel!  They are chia seeds (yes the exact same chia seeds that are in chia pets!) I bought mine here

You can read all about the amazing health benefits by yourself but for a start they are super high in omegas 3's (more than the beloved flax seed), they are known to help lower cholesterol, and they are packed with antioxidants.  But for me, the most important benefit, is the crazy amount of natural energy that it gives you.  Not "bouncing-of-the-walls-redbull" energy but a calm, all day, natural and consistent energy that has allowed me to get more stuff done at work and at home.  I am no longer completely wiped out when I get home at night.   I am absolutely 100% committed and addicted to these as part of my daily diet now (Mr. Hotpants is also taking them and LOVES them)

The one thing that is a little weird is the texture.  You see they are super-water-retaining seeds, so when added to liquid they swell up and remind me of tadpole eggs or tapioca . . . . If you like that then great, I don't so I add 2 tablespoons of seeds to about 3-4oz of water and chug it before they even swell.  They don't really have a taste, maybe a poppy seed-like taste.  You can add they to shakes, oatmeal, juice, etc.  You can find tons of recipes online also . . . another benefit? You can bake with them instead of using eggs! 

Even Dr. Oz is a big fan . . . . and if you know anything,  you know that celebrity Dr's know everything we don't and that is why the celebrities are gorgeous, tiny and perfect, they eat chia pets and sh*t!! 

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