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What are your powers?

Do you remember when you were little and couldn't fall asleep or when you woke up and were scared in the middle of the night? Do you remember the quietness and still of the house and how your parents room seemed so far away and the hallway so dark and tall?  Then do you remember the instant calm that came over you when your mummy or your daddy sat next to you and rubbed your back or lay down with you and cuddled you in tight?  Do you remember the immediate relief that enveloped you like a warm cozy blanket, when your mummy or daddy told you it was okay and lulled you back to sleep?

Those are some special powers parents have.  I would have to say "superhero-like" powers! And you want to know something? Something that just gave me insane butterflies in my tummy? I am that person now for a little person (well 2 little people)!  I am that warm, cozy blanket for my girls . . . . we (Mr. Hotpants & I) are safe and home for them . . . and when I stop and realize this I am overwhelmed because, in a childs eyes and in their heart, those truly are magical powers!

Who knew that becoming a parent would mean we also morphed into superheros or magical fairies!  
What an amazing journey . . . . what a full circle we have come.  I am so incredibly honored to be Harper and Emerson's mummy; words cant really describe it.


  1. Beautiful post! Its so hard to remember these things when your kid is crying for the 4th time in the middle of the night!
    But I remember crawling into my parent's room (so they wouldnt see me) and falling asleep on the floor next to my mom's side of the bed. I think I was in junior high school! We had just gone through the Whittier quake (I think) and I was so traumatized. Next to her was the only way I could relax.
    Thanks for this reminder! My babies thank you too. :)

  2. This is the sweetest post, and I can't tell you how many times I think those exact thoughts - just have never taken the time to write them down. Thanks for finding me too, I love your blog as well!


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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