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Wanna know a little secret?  I am a sneaky little wifey : ) 

Both my husband and I order tons of things from Amazon.  For the house, the girls, his work . . . you name it we get it on there.   But I have a little secret that he has caught on to!  

I window shop for things I want and most of the time I save them on my "wish list" (I keep a list for me and one each for the girls so I remember things that I have seen for them) but on occasion I will put a few things in my "cart" and leave them there until . . . . along comes my hubby and throws his things in the cart and clicks "buy" before even checking what was in there!!! and viola! my stuff is being delivered in 2 days (prime shipping) . . . . ha ha ha . . . I think this is rather funny and I am quite chuffed with myself!  Want to see what my sweet, sweet Mr. Hotpants surprised me with last week?

 I have wanted this book for a while and it is beautiful & huge!  She was an amazing photographer and they loved each other so much.

 I LOVE toe ring sandals and these were a great price, and the cognac color is a buttery caramel color! I can tell they are going to go with everything all summer!

 Another gorgeous book that I have had my eye on for a while now.  The color of the cover is beautiful on our coffee table too! 

Thanks Mr. Hotpants for being awesome!!!!

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