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wait, wait for me . . . .

I'm here, finally! . . . just could not get it together last night to post! There was some "American Idol" to catch up on, a To-Do list to work on with Mr. Hotpants (juicy details to come soon!), and a 3yr old with an 11:30pm night-terror.

This Friday I am loving a few things . . .

the gorgeous rainstorm that is above head right now . . . 

these insane "nails". . .  I am finding a project for these pronto!

This fun video from one of my favorite bloggers . . . 

We will because we will be partying it up at a Special Little Man's first birthday!

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  1. Love that poster - and yes- wasn't that rainstorm amazing. Clicking in now to the video above. And how can your wee bubs be one???


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