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In-n-Out Grilled Cheese

This is all i can think about as I started the Master Cleanse on Monday!  It is brutal . . . you drink a mixture of lemon juice, cayenne pepper, and grade B maple syrup through out the day, a cup of Smooth Move tea morning and night and as much green & peppermint tea you want during the day but no food! 

Monday was good until 5-8pm! I was feeding the girls and it was so hard not to eat what i was giving them.  Then I had a tough time sleeping; probably because my body was busy eating itself.  Yesterday was not too bad but I had a dull achy headache all day and my body felt like a ton of bricks!  I am doing this with another mama and cheering each other on via text messages.  We are shooting to try and do it for 5 days but we will see.  In the meantime, as my fingers have no energy to type, you can feast your eyes on these beauties (via Barneys) . . . 

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