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Second guessing . . .

This week I have been in a weird place emotionally.  I miss my girls.  I miss them every day I go into work. I think about them all day, I have even cried a few times this week.  

I didn't have a hard transition going back to work after both of my girls but lately as they are growing up so fast and changing from one day to the next I have been feeling a pit in the middle of my stomach that is nagging at me all day long.  Am I giving my girlies enough of me? Enough of my time? What price are they paying for having me work all day, 5-days a week?  

I am missing our toddler class, her ballet class, the library story-time, and park playdates.  My girls are two little beautiful people, with their own personalities and their own thoughts and smiles and they have little friends and I don't get to see this enough.  

This feeling is new to me as I have never wanted to be a full-time, stay at home mum.  I like my job, I like interacting with people and engaging in projects, but for now my heart longs to be at home with my girls, laying in the sun with them, tickling them, taking Emerson to school and talking with the other mums, getting her first tutu with her, and watching my baby girl be the beautiful, thoughtful little person she has grown into.  

Will I look back and regret this time I am missing, is it worth it? . . . I am not sure anything is worth losing this time . . .

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  1. The funny thing is...I have been a stay at home Mum and I often, often regret that I didn't keep working. It's fun to take them to classes once in a while, but believe me, its not so great when that is what you do every day after 3pm for hours...I have never met anyone who feels they have the balance right.(sorry this sounds so negative reading back on it...)


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