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Ten Reasons I'm beside myself . . .

Living in a 2nd floor, 1000sq ft condo has been perfect for us, until NOW! Before the babes, it was the perfect space & location for the Mr. and I. We could walk to restaurants and the ride bikes to the beach.  We had an extra bedroom with an office space, and the balcony had great little chairs to sit out and have a glass of wine on. We were fine even after Emerson was born, but it got a little tougher having to lug strollers and car seats and diaper-bags up stairs from the car.  And we had to get rid of all the furniture on the patio as Emerson liked to climb and peer over the edge (heart failure!!!) and then it housed her sandpit, bike, easel and other miscellaneous toys.  When Harper came along we were still fine until she became mobile and now needs to sleep in a crib (she is in a small pack 'n' play) . . . . so it is the perfect time to be moving on and here is why I am deliriously happy to get into the new house . . .

1. Both the girls having their own bedrooms & space

2. Not having to climb a flight of stairs to get to our front door (with groceries, 2 babes, strollers, car-seats, and a dog)

3. Not having to store our strollers in the trunk of our cars or closet! We can have them set-up in the garage . .which leads me to #4

 not our garage but it's the same size!

4. Having a garage (3-car!!) to park both our cars in! No longer have to deal with parking meters, street sweeping tickets, and hanging permits.

5. Having a yard to . . . run around in, have picnics in, plant a vegetable garden in, and play whenever we want without having to pack up a  bag, bike/scooter, both girlie's jump in the car and drive to a park.

6. Having the space to entertain!!!! This one is huge for me! Since we have been in our condo we have not been able to have BBQ's with friends over, dinner party, birthday dinners, Oscar parties . . . nothing!!! and Mr Hotpants is such a GREAT chef and absolutely loves cooking so this is HUGE!!!

7. Being close to family and friends

8. Not having to worry about paying for private schools, as the public schools are great

9. Having the ability to host Easter, Thanksgiving or Christmas at our house and getting a HUGE Christmas tree! 

10. An extra bedroom for guests to stay and the 3 car garage so Mr. Hotpants can keep his beer stuff somewhere other than our kitchen, dining room, toy box, and storage!

Have a  fantastic Memorial Day Weekend

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