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We are almost there

the weekend that is . . . . 

We have a few things going on this weekend  . . . we are going down to check on this progress . . . we are supposed to have our carrara marble bathroom counter-tops in by Friday!

Extending the master bathroom shower out to make it bigger and raising the shower head so Mr. Hotpants doesn't have to duck down!

Floating the new kitchen island and breakfast bar.  The stove and new island range hood will be installed once this is done!

Ahhh the infamous "gas line" that needed to be put in! Had to jack-hammer into the foundation and duct it up and out the roof (new requirements)

And for fun here are some other pics of the house & back yard

Oh and we have a family photo shoot with the amazing and my favorite Jylare 
on Sunday.  I want to pick a great place as our backdrop!  I was thinking since we are moving of doing it around our old neighborhood in our local spots! 

And I leave you with my new favorite thing . . . . (thanks to Amber for posting about it) It is a way to print up your instagram photos!  I already ordered 2 of the mini-books!

The Tiny Book!
The Mini-Book

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