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I'm having . . .

a teeny tiny love affair with Prosecco with either pomegranate seeds or raspberries plopped in!  It is refreshing and light for summer evenings, and best of all I dont wake up with any horrible headaches (huge plus in my books with 2 little ones to wake up to!). 

Here are some of my favorites right now (all very affordable)

Zonin from Trader Joe's - at $7 a bottle its perfect!

 Presto from Whole Foods - a little heavier but full of flavor!

 Mionetto (Il)

Cupcake - you can usually find this at any grocery store

topsy turvey

 . . . is what my life feels like at the moment.  Full of exciting & exhausting things but my mind feels like it is moving at a hundred miles per second!  

We are successfully moved in!  It took a while but we have all but 4 boxes unpacked and it is absolutely wonderful!  Mr. Hotpants and I were just saying last night that in the 2 days we have been living in our new home, we have entertained more people, all at once, than we did the entire 7yrs in our condo!  Sad huh?  We did not have the space to have 6 people over to BBQ before but now we do!

And the kiddos they all just ran around (butt-naked) playing in the water, snacking, and kicking the ball . . . and I love that we got a single-story house because there are no stairs to worry about and the house is a huge open space so for the most part they can't really hurt themselves . . . 

Here are some random photos from the past week . . . 

 Why are all kids enamored with the garden hose?

 Cousin dance party!

 Our entry with roses from my garden!!!!

 The corner of our old place, 18th and Arizona! I'm going to miss those trees . . .

Daddy took the girls to their new park!

I'm still here . . . barely

Sooooo . . . the move didn't go exactly as I'd planned (aka we are living at my mums as I type!!!) We arrived with the moving truck to a house full of newly painted walls, tarps covering all the floors, about 8 people working, and a layer of dust and concrete bits about 1 inch thick!

The good news is that the house looks awesome!  I am so happy with the changes we made!  It looks like a completely different house.  The bad news . . . it's not done, it needs to be scrubbed and a huge tree in the backyard fell down yesterday!  Welcome home!

I find it funny how all the major renovations; new shower, all new electrical and recessed lighting, taking a wall down . . . all that happens fairly easy and fast but all the small finish work seems to take FOREVER!  Door knobs, hinges, blinds, etc..... come on already.  I want to put my rugs down!!!!

I have lots of photos but I haven't downloaded them so here are two randoms ones from my phone . . . 

 Our entry. . . this going to look rad when the barn door is up and the rugs are down . . . . hurry hurry hurry  

  Got this insanely gorgeous rug for the family room!!!!! Amazeballs!

This DIY is happening!

So we knocked a wall down and extended our dining room so we could host big family dinners (10 in my immediate, 19-30 in my extended!) . . . . now I am trying to find a 10ft table that doesn't cost a gazillion bazillion dollars and it is quite near impossible.  I was about to cry (OK, have a full blown toddler tantrum!)  until I found this insane DIY beauty!  . . . Bring it! I am soooooo excited! Oh and Mr. Hotpants, you are helping me so bust out that tool-belt!

It is basically IKEA Numerar counter-top on these legs . . . but I am thinking about using these legs . . . my real challenge is where am I going to get my pink in? I was thinking the chair legs!

Here are some of my chair choices (via) . . . 

Sneak peek

These photos are why I keep thinking we need to have a third little one . . . we make gorgeous bambinos!

Shout out to my wonderful friend and photographer Ms. Jylare!  As usual you are amazing, one of these days we are going to have to go out and get a drink though!!!!

Since we are moving we wanted to take photos around our neighborhood to capture our favorite places . . . we took some on our beautiful tree-lined street, our neighborhood park and fire station, the beach and some by the hospital the girls were born at!  

They came out exactly as we had hoped, comically chaotic, . . . even though Ms. H just ate handfuls of sand and Ms. E was done taking photos about 5 minutes after we started!

Insanely true!

I laughed my a*s off . . . 


Things are a little blurry these days . . . the world seems to be spinning way too fast for me to keep up!  I know it wont be over this Saturday, but I think once we actually get everything moved down to the house (movers come 8am this Saturday) I will feel a little less . . . dizzy? Well at least I am hoping!

My brain is squished to the max with all the teeny tiny detail-finishing questions from all my "dudes" (aka, my contractor, my electrician, painter, etc) . . . all this finish work seems harder for me than the big decisions! That and then getting our condo ready to show for rent, dealing with all the details of moving . . . and PACKING. 

Every time I fill a box I look around thinking that it will look like there is less stuff to pack but it doesn't! Things just seem to keep coming out of every closed cabinet door.

Here are some recent snapshots . . .

daddy and emerson drawn by emerson

Ready, set, go . . .

let's get to the fun stuff! I finally picked the paint colors! Oh and I'm throwing in my rug choices too!!!

Front door exterior - Benjamin Moore "Heritage Red" in glossy!

Interior of front door . . . Benjamin Moore "Thunderbird"

ordered 2 of these for our entry (it is a long hallway!)

Harper's Bedroom - Benjamin Moore's "Sun kissed Yellow" stripes on her ceiling! And BM "Simply White" on the walls

I adore this rug for Harper's bedroom

Emerson's Bedroom - Behr "Youthful Coral" - on her ceiling (no stripes)

Rug for Emerson's room - color scheme - coral, pink and navy!

The master bedroom - BM "New York State of Mind"

 White shag rug for our bedroom

Master Bathroom - BM "White winged dove"

 I am dying to find a great Moroccan rug like this for the master bathroom!

Girls bathroom - Behr "Billowy Clouds" (slightest blush pink ever!)

Everywhere else will be Benjamin Moore's "simply White" and all the trim, molding and cabinets will be Benjamin Moore's "Super White" ............. I am SOOOO excited
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