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This DIY is happening!

So we knocked a wall down and extended our dining room so we could host big family dinners (10 in my immediate, 19-30 in my extended!) . . . . now I am trying to find a 10ft table that doesn't cost a gazillion bazillion dollars and it is quite near impossible.  I was about to cry (OK, have a full blown toddler tantrum!)  until I found this insane DIY beauty!  . . . Bring it! I am soooooo excited! Oh and Mr. Hotpants, you are helping me so bust out that tool-belt!

It is basically IKEA Numerar counter-top on these legs . . . but I am thinking about using these legs . . . my real challenge is where am I going to get my pink in? I was thinking the chair legs!

Here are some of my chair choices (via) . . . 

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