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Guess where I am typing up this blog?  . . . if you guessed a beach in Tahiti, you suck and I wish! I am actually typing this in the front seat of our car while Mr. Hotpants drives.  We are able to carpool 3 days a week now and it actually makes for some very good use of our time.

Hotpants drives to work so I can blog and I drive home from work and he does whatever Mr. Hotpants business stuff he has to do.  How you may ask? Well I had to ask because I am not the savviest when it comes to technology.  Via a mobile hotspot through Verizon . . . its an awesome little gadgety thing that you turn on anywhere, and viola, you get Internet . . . . don't ask me the exact "how" because I don't know . . .

Now that I am getting up 5 days a week at 5am to be on the road by 5:30am (coffee + redbull) a few things are making my life easier.  The most important being coffee (2nd being that jetpack)  . . . . yes, we have a fancy schmancy coffee maker that can be programmed the night before so that you have a piping hot pot of coffee ready at the exact time you need it BUT I always seen to forget to set it up the night before so my BFF is instant coffee (people without kids, don't you dare judge!) One scoop of the crack (my instant coffee) and one tablespoon of coconut oil and some milk . . . yummy!

I am super excited to get this rug that I ordered for the girls bathroom (HomeDecorators.com) . . . I think it will look great with the blush pink walls . . . .

We have arrived at Starbucks peeps, so hasta la vista . . . . this week is going to be a fun but busy one, not only is it 4th of July (sparklers!!!) but our little Ms. Harper turns "1" on July 5th! Can't believe that a year ago today I was waddling around the park with Ms. Emerson trying to induce labor! Seems like an eternity ago. 

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