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So much fun!

I feel like my life is starting on a new journey, a new chapter.  I feel different.  I feel more confident, more in control, I feel alive.  I have started to appreciate things more than before . . . hard work and dedication, perseverance; these really do get you places.  I have learned to love my body and be more forgiving with it; it is a beautiful piece of machinery that "grew" our two beautfiul baby girls - how could I not love something that has this ability.  I am truly, truly happy . . . in every aspect of my life.  I feel awakened and I don't want to waste any of our days in a grumpy mood or frustrated.  I want to have F U N with my life, with our life.

please excuse the blog layout and template . . . it has gone haywire . . . I believe many other bloggers are having the same issues! Frustrating!

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