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Birthdays . . .

Should happen about 4 times a year, don't you think?  I mean my Birthday is in April then I have to wait all the way until December to get more presents!!! If we bump up birthdays to 4 times a year we could get gifts that coincide with the seasons right!!!??? I know, I know sometimes I even impress myself. Genius I am! 

Here are my Fall Birthday wishes . . . family and friends please take note!

Givenchy Fall boot/shoe collection(any or all of it please - Hey! I'm worth it!!)


Leather skinnies (one of the reasons I am trying to stick with the Tracy Anderson DVD's!!!)

Buttery-soft, paper-thin, drapey leather jacket

Clearly its going to be a cold Fall here (in my mind) in California, even though we are in an insane humid heatwave right now . . . . and obviously this list could go on and on and include housewares, and beauty products and jewelery but hey, that's what my December birthday is for, right!? Oh and don't think you can get away with combining Christmas with my December birthday!!! they are separate, okay peeps!!


  1. ohh i just love all of these!! i cannot wait for fall :)

  2. Love! Great picks!


Thank you for your comments, I truly appreciate it! Have a fabulous day. xoxo E

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